Erotic Vibrations


By Jessica Lansdown © 2015



It was the third time that they had met; a third date and each time seemed to pull them a little closer than the last. There was no doubt that there was a connection between them; a real spark, but for now it was all tease and flirt - lots of talk and a considerable amount of innuendo but nothing more.

  She had known from their first meeting that she liked him. Michael was so smooth. He knew exactly how to handle himself; confident but not too arrogant, intelligent but not too ‘know it all’ and certainly not dull like some of the others had been. He was interested in what she had to say and asked lots of surface questions; he listened to her answers as if he cared what she said. Michael simply wasn’t like most men she had known, he pushed her boundaries and that, at least partly, was the excitement that she had been looking for.

  ‘Hello Michael,’ she said, ‘so nice to see you again, thanks for your messages by the way. Have you been here long?’

  ‘Hey Gabriella, good to see you too,’ he said, standing up to greet her. ‘I’ve been here for about ten minutes. I wanted to get here early so I could watch you as you walked in, you move so well, but I guess you know that.’

  She smiled broadly. He had a knack of making her feel good. His comments made her feel that he liked her - wanted her and she loved that feeling.

  ‘That’s nice of you to say, thank you,’ she said, acting a little coyly.

  He organised some drinks and as they sat together she couldn’t help but notice his broad shoulders and muscular arms as they brushed up against her when he sat down. She tried to look away and focus on something else but her eyes drifted down his body and she wondered what he might be capable of. 

  ‘Stop it,’ she told herself ‘think about something else.’

  ‘I’ve been trying to think about when we met last,’ she said seriously, ‘a couple of weeks ago was it?’

  ‘I think that sounds about right,’ he replied.

  The last time they had met they had both seemed to know that it was a good idea to park in the corner of the dark car park and, when he leaned in to kiss her good night, they had connected with such passion. He had moved her hair and kissed her neck and... ‘Oh God, too soon, too soon,’ she thought as she began to quiver in his arms and she felt the dampness gather in her sex.

  He pulled her body in tightly to his so that there could be no doubt that he was aroused – she could feel his erection through his trousers, his passion increasing as he felt her reaction and her response to him.

  His hands went up under her skirt and he felt for her panties and stroked her naked buttocks above her stocking tops as she ground her hips into his body, feeling his hardness before pulling away breathlessly.

  ‘Come and sit in my car,’ he said. ‘Christ I want you. I want to touch you, kiss you and I want all of you, please.’

  She moved back and putting a little distance between them, ‘I can’t,’ she said, ‘I have to go, thanks for a lovely evening, goodnight,’ and she turned and walked the few steps to into her car and she started the engine.

  He looked over at her with heat and desire written clearly on his face. God help her, she felt it too, it was so hard to walk away. She opened the driver’s side window, ‘I don’t do it in cars,’ she said, feeling that she had to explain herself. ‘You will have to do a lot better than that.’

  ‘And If I do a lot better than that Gabriella, will you give yourself to me, will you give in?’ he asked passionately.



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