By Jessica Lansdown © 2015



These days, when it came to sex, Gina could take it or leave it because to quote the old Guitarist singer BB King, 'The thrill has gone.’ If she didn’t have any sex, then she didn’t really miss it; when she did get it, she found sex to be a repetitive and quite nice event rather than the awesome and erotic pleasure that her fantasies told her it could be. But who was she kidding, she missed it like hell, she just pretended not to, she didn’t want to leave it, but right now she had no damned choice.

  She wanted escape, she longed for excitement, she wanted a lover that would make her fantasies come true, a man that could really kiss, a man that wasn’t frightened of talking dirty and all that went with that. She knew that he had to be out there somewhere and she had decided to make more effort to do something about it. Tonight she would sign up to one or two of those sex sites that she had heard so much about; how hard could it be?

  She’d get something nice to cook, buy herself a good bottle of wine, get a little tipsy and then write some sort of profile. Maybe she would find a couple of decent men – who could say?

  Her best friend, Kate, had always told her, ‘Be careful what you wish for girl - you just might get more than you bargained for,’ turned out she was spot on right because along came a spider and his name was Edward.

  She met him in the supermarket of all places in the wine section. She noticed him wandering down various aisles, who wouldn’t? He was tall and attractive with dark hair and a sexy amount of stubble. Just as she was browsing in the wine section she spotted him browsing there too. To Gina he looked like sex on legs and she wondered how to start a conversation before he disappeared out of her life forever. But then, what if he was a moron, or worse, a sleaze bag? Only one way to find out she told herself again, just go for it!

  ‘Can you help me,’ she asked looking over at him.

  ‘I’ll certainly try,’ he said, ‘what do you need,’ and the look he gave her nearly made her moan with desire right then and there.

  ‘What’s the difference between Chablis and petit Chablis,’ she asked. ‘It’s just that I know I love Chablis, but this petit Chablis costs half as much, but does that mean it’s only going to taste half as good? Do you know?’ She looked up at him expectantly waiting for an answer.

  ‘Erm’, she noticed that his smile was so sexy ‘I’m not a wine buff but I do have an idea that might work?’ he said. 



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