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Lessons in Submission


Do you want more from your sex life? Is there something missing?


If your not frightened to read about hard core dominance and submission and If youve ever wondered how it could make you feel… now is your chance to see it through someone else’s eyes...


When independent, successful business woman Lysette realises that there is something missing in her life, she decides to explore her fantasies and look for a Dominant man to help her fulfil her sexual desires. She meets Jack who interviews her and agrees to provide lessons in submission.

As the lessons begin, Lysette is thrust into the fantasy life that she thought she craved and must now,  quickly learn how to please the dark and demanding desires of her new master.
Is Dominant Jack the right teacher and will Lysette become the hot sub that they both want her to be? Read it now for free just click... 


Sex Fantasy 


Do you long for the attentions of more than one man?


If you have ever thought about it, now you can read a sexy scenario and get a feel for what it could be like for you...


Alex is usually a sweet and gentle man, but John is dominating and rough - working together they push Olivia to her limits and beyond and she is bound to comply! It’s a power play of erotic proportions as two hot and powerful men take the lovely Olivia to the very edge. It’s a HOT SEX & HARDCORE THREESOME.

In a ‘be careful what you wish for’ story, Alex decides to take Olivia at her word and he invites his friend John along to help him teach Olivia the real meaning of marvellously rough and staggeringly gentle. As she follows instruction and does as she is told, vulnerable and exposed Olivia has no choice but to enjoy being the centre of attention.


Sex Addicts Anonymous Session One.jpg

Sex Addicts Anonymous Session One


Steve, anxious at first, soon realizes that he loves watching his beautiful wife being pounded by another man and he becomes very happy and willing to follow instructions too, even when he’s forced to get on his knees for the big bull.

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