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Jesse writes about voluptuous real women and controlling alpha men. It’s hot, dirty sex and usually it’s one woman that gets all the attention with more than one man providing it - some stories are very explicit while others are more flirty dirty, but all are for the broad minded and 18+ age group.

Jesse always appreciates a short spicy review to confirm that her stories are right up there on the horny scale and to let other potential readers know what to expect.

Lessons in Submission


Voluptuous Lysette becomes the submissive to Jack, an alpha male. Explicit hard core dominance, bondage, voluptuous woman with multiple partner themes


Sex Fantasy 


A sublime mix of the rough and the gentle

Not for the faint hearted, dominance and bondage with one woman and two men


Sex Addicts Anonymous Session One


Steve, anxious at first, soon realizes that he loves watching his beautiful wife being pounded by another man and he becomes very happy and willing to follow instructions too, even when he’s forced to get on his knees for the big bull.

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