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I’m Jessica Lansdown, author of the All For Her Master Books, the Lessons in Submissions series and numerous other short books, novellas and blogs.

I am a sex advocate and fiercely believe in the healing powers of escaping to a good erotic story as often as you can as well as reading various ‘how to’ or review style blogs on various erotic and kink fuelled subjects,


...and that is what this site is all about.

I’m always working on a few projects; just published a new series, The Sex Addict Sessions as well as a blog about my Bucket List For Sex. It’s hot and horny work, but someone’s got to do it. Lol



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‘Why don’t you start at the beginning, tell me how you discovered that you liked that type of sex and what actually led to it happening.’

‘Well I’m not really sure I can tell you...’ and she squirmed in her seat a little awkwardly.

‘Look, a couple things you should know, firstly, you won’t shock me, I’ve heard lots of things within these four walls and what you tell me here will be in the very strictest confidence, Ok? I am a doctor, I don’t judge, I’m a consultant, I’m here to listen and we can talk too if you want to, so just start at the start.’

This is what she had wanted, someone to tell, and someone to talk to about it but talking to one of her friends about it... well that was simply out of the question. Anything but vanilla sex was still taboo in modern day culture and so to talk about her feeling in terms of group sex would just lead to judgements and misconceptions and she simply didn’t have time for that sort of thing.

To her this felt absolutely right, confessing or sharing her story with a therapist was the right thing to do and, of course, he wouldn’t judge - he was a professional.

The Sex Addict Sessions...