Lessons in Submission


By Jessica Lansdown © 2015



She wasn’t sure if she should write a profile making her wishes clear or hold back on saying too much at all and wait to see if anyone contacted her. After all, this was all new to her but she felt determined - if she didn’t do it now, experience it now, somehow she felt that she never would. So after lots of trials and lots of crossings out, she decided that she had a simple one liner that said it all so she gathered all her courage and typed out the profile for the web site.

  ‘Tall, confident woman seeks lessons in submission from dominant alpha male.’

  Her finger hovered over the submit button for a few moments and then... tap, the words disappeared and a message came back straight back which read - Congratulations - your profile has been sent for review. We will confirm that your profile has been uploaded within twenty-four hours.

  Lysette Brown was a public relations specialist and a manager in a big company with offices all over the world. She was attractive, confident, self sufficient, financially affluent as well as all around independent. On the surface she had it all; wardrobes full of clothes, stacks of shoes as well as a couple of nice attractive men that took her out when she wanted them. But she was bored, it was all so damned vanilla, she wanted more, she needed excitement, she wanted passion. She had read a book about a submissive woman being flogged and fucked by her master and his friends and it made her feel so horny. She knew that she absolutely had to try it for herself. She wanted someone else to make decisions, to take control; she absolutely craved someone to take her, control her, dominate her. She longed to be tied to a bed and feel the bite of whip on her backside, she imagined the thrill. She tried hinting at what she wanted with the men that she knew; she tried talking to them about her fantasies, but they just didn’t get it and honestly they were very nice, but that, she suspected was the problem, she simply didn’t want nice any more, she needed more. She had heard about a web site where people could meet like minded people for sexual encounters, but initially when she checked it out, her courage deserted she and she dismissed it right away.

But after a few weeks the fantasies continued to invade her dreams and she decided to go back to it and try again;'She didn’t have to actually do anything if she didn’t want to,' she told herself, 'she could be choosy and only respond when she wanted, only meet someone if she really wanted to do so, why be scared?'

  Once her profile had been accepted the messages from various men seemed to come thick and fast; most of them a complete waste of time, some laughable, some clearly foreign without a proper use of English whilst others could only use text speak. After a few weeks she almost gave up but decided to look around at the images of men who were actually on the site at that moment and, rather than waiting, she would approach anyone that she liked the look of.

  She saw an ad for Jack from London. It was his photo that drew her attention although his profile sounded just right too.   Decent hard working alpha male into the finer things in life looking for a tall feisty female, first time submissive to introduce to the pleasures of BDSM. She will be confident in her own skin and comfortable with multiple attentions.

  She responded saying that she thought they sounded well suited and invited Jack to look at her profile to see if he agreed that they might click.

  She logged on to the site each night in the hope of a response and after four days, finally, she received a short message from Jack. He told her he didn’t believe in lots of email exchange and that he just he wanted to meet. She had readily agreed and he told her where and when he wanted to see her as well as what he wanted her to wear. ‘Don’t be late,’ he said, ‘I’ll be waiting and then I’ll let you know if I think we might click.’

  Sounds arrogant, she thought, but hell, he’s a dominant man supposedly so he’s bound to be that way I suppose.

  So bolshy and arrogant, sure of himself, maybe even over confident, but whatever it was, he had caught her interest somehow, using just the right language saying the right things although, at this moment, she couldn’t remember exactly what he had said. She was definitely attracted to him; his photo showed that he had black shoulder length hair that just curled over his collar, brown eyes and dark gypsy looking features that made him look strong and a little wicked.

  They had arranged to meet at the champagne bar in St Pancras station and he had told her that her dress should be tight with a few buttons undone on her top along with high heeled shoes and hold up stockings; he told her it was the first test.

  Lysette, usually so sure of herself, felt a little anxious but she soon realised that her fears were unfounded as Jack was really nice and they got along well from the start. He was attentive, funny and clearly intelligent with a slightly foreign sounding accent. They talked about his work which was financial consultancy and he asked about her work and so she explained briefly what her work entailed.

  After a few glasses of champagne, she began to feel quite comfortable in his company.

  ‘So Lysette, tell me what do you think of all this so far?’ He asked her, looking directly into her eyes, his deep brown eyes staring intently back at hers.

  ‘Yes I think it’s fine,’ she replied. 



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