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Jessica Recommends…


I’ve partnered with PleasureMoves (the Adult Toy and Playtime Specialists) in a couple of ways… firstly, I’ve written some of the free erotica that they give away when you purchase stuff and secondly, I’m happy to recommend their products. Sometimes they send me things to try and so I can tell you about them too.

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that I’m into Sex Toys – but there are so many to choose from that knowing what to go for is often a bit mind boggling which takes the fun out of it.

So it very interesting to note that our friends at PleasureMoves, say that whoever you are and almost whatever you are into, you really only need three things – they call it the Power of Three – and I think they may be right!

Anyway, even though I recommend I must tell you right up front that I do have some connections with them, I’m what’s known as an affiliate which means I get some special offers on their products and I earn a small % commission if you buy stuff from them through me - so I do get a benefit if you buy stuff. But when I  get a special deal from them, in the form of discounts or vouchers, I can pass that on to you  so its  a win win!

Actually, they have some useful information in the blogs section and at the moment PleasureMoves has some good offers too so do click through to check out their pages.

Bloggers and Instagrammers contact us frequently to request collaboration relating to samples and  promotion- we love to receive requests .

If you have a blog, Facebook profile and/or more than 3000 followers on Instagram and are you interested in a collaboration with us, contact us at:-  We will respond to all enquiries and will assess each case individually to determine whether we can collaborate with you or not.

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