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Words: 6440

ISBN: 9781005542405


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***** This was a pretty good story and very erotic also.

***** The thing is, the sex is hot,dirty and downright horny ... which is what you want after all, yes? But what I like is the way time is taken to build a picture of the protagonists first, so that there's some background, to the characters. Always makes it better for me.
Did I say the sex was hot n' horny? Yes.... but it might not come in the way you imagine in this book...

All For Her Master Book One

  • Jake Franklyn knew all there was to know about films. He had sold his successful screenplay company for a tidy sum and now he organised a film club for fun. But Jake had a deep dark secret that he longed to share - a mysterious, erotic secret that consumed his nights and many of his waking hours too. He had dated lots of women, but none of them measured up to his expectations... then he met Amanda and everything changed. This is Erotic Fiction at its best.

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    All For Her Master Book Two

    While still a little green, Amanda is determined to meet Jakes expectations