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***** It's all hot stuff, as usual, from Jessica's keyboard but most of the hot stuff happens via that film screening, so I felt slightly 'at arm's length' from the real action between them, which is what she writes so well. However, the ending leaves us dangling (perhaps the wrong choice of word) as there will undoubtedly be more to come (definitely not the wrong choice of word!)

All For Her Master Book Three

  • Explicit & very hot, Amanda left the film club and Jake’s place in a big hurry. Jake can’t believe that Amanda fled last time. He really needs to see her and to be with her again. He needs to have her marvellous body and her complete submission once more. He has found another erotic and explicit film to show her and, against all his better instincts, Jake decides to go to find her Amanda and persuade her to try again. You are bound to love the climax of this Sexy Short Story

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