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ISBN: 9781005403775


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Dangerous Curves

  • With so many thin women in his life, Gavin can’t believe his luck when he meets curvy voluptuous Jena. With a fetish like craving for big breasted women, Jena ticks all the right boxes, and when she seems more than happy to call him ‘Sir’ dominant Gavin is determined to keep her.

    Jena is a voluptuous, curvy woman with full natural breasts and long legs. She wants to be gorgeous, but usually just feels too big, too tall, and not the least bit gorgeous. Although she doesn’t notice, many men look at Jena‘s curves and want her. Naturally dominant Gavin is desperate to meet a voluptuous woman with big breasts and curves in all the right places to follow his lead. When their lives interact, it’s the beginning of a raging passion that neither of them has ever experienced.