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Tags: exhibitionism, erotica passion, erotic romance, explicit, vibrator, hot sex stories, cock tease, erotic dancing, erotic play


Words: 7750

ISBN: 9781310200625


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***** I really liked all the build up in this story, you are really willing them to get right down to the sex but want to hear more about the tease too - it's a truly tantalising balance , I could imagine it , Well in my dreams anyway.

***** This was a very hot and horny read - the couple meet and after s while they get very close in a private club - read it in bed.

***** All, in all, very good. I just finished reading it and I'm still a bit horny, so if the review contains a typo, you'll know why!
There is a clear spine of a story which runs through the piece, and a good balance of suspense and reveal.

Erotic Vibrations