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***** No holes barred, voluptuous Lysette journeys further into Jack's world of masterful domination. He introduces her to friends and business associates alike and they are all delighted to take and give total pleasure as she cums and cums again.


***** This was a hard core read and so right up my street. I love the way the slutty heroine happily gives herself to a group of foreign blokes and they do so much to her she takes it absolutely everywhere whilst her dominant partner looks on in delight - lucky bugger!!


***** Wow! Full of loads of volcanic kinky action, right up there with Jessica's best I'd say. 
Let's not beat about the bush - this is very uplifting stuff ;)
Gagging for more already!


*Lessons in Submission The Works is made up of 3 previously separately available Books;- Extra Lessons, Further Lessons, More Lessons as well as the Free first Book Lessons in Submission. Lessons in Submission The Works has now been Re- worked  and more content added for better continuity and reader enjoyment.

But , If you’ve previously purchased all the Submission books  and want  to read the re worked text. 

For a free copy please email me on:


*Lessons in Submission The Works

  • Looking to explore her fantasies, Lysette Brown looks for a Dominant man to give her lessons in Submission. She meets Jack who is very keen to enjoy Lysette and the red hot lessons that he has planned.

    New Submissive Lysette finds that she is quickly caught up in the world of BDSM and she loves it  – her Master Jack has big plans for his new submissive introducing her to  exhibitionism, climax denial, spanking, stretching , gang banging and a whole lot more. Read all about her hot and very horny experiences along with her complete submission to Jack and all in every lesson.

    WARNING - this is a very explicit Erotic Fiction and should only be read by the broad minded.


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