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Words: 7040

ISBN: 9781310450402


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***** Great story line and build up.She wants it rough,she wants it gentle and when her boyfriend brings another man along to help him she really gets what she was wishing for ! Thoroughly brilliant erotic and very horny.


***** Jessica gives us another red hot encounter with a taste of one of her favourite themes - "be careful what you wish for". Olivia and Alex are already in a steamy, sexy relationship when Alex decides it's time to make good on a long held promise. Result? The story explodes into a magma-hot scene of unrestricted lust. Just wish I was friends with Alex.


***** Great menage story from Jessica Lansdown. Two men,one woman in a careful what you wish for kind of story - she wants a mixture of rough and gentle and oh hell does she get it! - a definite 10 on the hot scale and a good story and build up too.

Sex Fantasy a sublime mix of rough and gentle

  • Olivia is such a tease, texting wanton images of herself to Alex but has she gone too far this time? Alex is sweet and gentle, John is dominating and rough working together they push Olivia to her limits and beyond and she is bound to comply! It’s a power play of erotic proportions as two hot and powerful men take the lovely Olivia to the very edge. Hot sex & hardcore threesome in this horny slice of Free Erotic Fiction

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