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ISBN: 9781370339525


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***** This was  a very hot story and very erotic also.

*****  I really loved the long sexy build up to all the touching, sucking and then the ultimate that followed. Being approached by a hot woman in a hotel - mmm the stuff of fantasies for sure!


***** Hot! And I don't just mean the weather!.I really enjoyed this …Jessica builds the characters up nicely, giving a little bit of background to lead you in so that you feel you know them a little. Which all adds to the enjoyment as she carries you further and further into Sabrina's story. The action is hot, but it's the surprise twist at the end which will leave your imagination in overdrive.  

Sharing Sabrina

  • Sabrina lives in Spain now, but still dreams of finding more when she ends up on a luxury yacht with two handsome sex starved sailors. A day that started like any other turns into an erotic adventure and as they all talk about their ultimate fantasies.

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