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Tags: hot wife, anal play, explicit erotica, hot sex, bull, alpha male, adults only, cuckold, sex stories,, cuckolded by the boss, hardcore novella


Words: 7130

ISBN: 9780463430859


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*****  This is a real sizzler! What would you do to make your wife happy? Sally gets just what she wants when a dominant male is invited into their sex life. What does her husband Steve get? More than he bargained for. If your fantasy involves a bit of cuckolding, this is most certainly the book for you.

The Wife The Bull and The Cuckold

  • Sally and Steve have been together for a long time. Steve is a really nice man and that could be the problem. Now Sally wants more, she wants a firmer hand, she wants to be controlled and she wants to try new things. Steve will do anything for Sally and he confides in a work colleague who tells