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Words: 7130

ISBN: 9780463430859


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*****  This is a real sizzler! What would you do to make your wife happy? Sally gets just what she wants when a dominant male is invited into their sex life. What does her husband Steve get? More than he bargained for. If your fantasy involves a bit of cuckolding, this is most certainly the book for you.


***** This a good story about a husband and wife who want to get more from their sex lives .Sally,the wife has fantasies about being dominated by another man while her easy going husband Steve looks on. Steve becomes a first time cuckold and loves it just as much as Sally as the erotic story tells how the Bull they find uses them both completely. Very hot !

The Wife The Bull and The Cuckold

  • Sally and Steve have been together for a long time. Steve is a really nice man and that could be the problem. Now Sally wants more, she wants a firmer hand, she wants to be controlled and she wants to try new things. Steve will do anything for Sally and he confides in a work colleague who tells him exactly what to do to make his wife happy… and so it begins. Hot and Horny Erotic Fiction at its best

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