Sex Fantasy


By Jessica Lansdown © 2015




Alex Hardy sat in his office looking out over the busy city as people swarmed around like ants in the concrete landscape below. His assistant, Simon poked his head around the door and said, ‘they are ready for you now, Mr Hardy’.

  ‘Oh, okay Simon, thanks, let’s go,’Alex said, pushing himself up from the plush leather swivel chair behind his desk.

  Alex Hardy was the type of man that naturally attracted attention for all the right reasons. He exuded a certain sort of charisma and when he spoke, everyone listened; he could definitely command a room. He was a tall imposing man, dark brown hair with deep set brown eyes along with the build and broad shoulders of a rugby player.

  The Hardy Reynolds Advertising Agency was a very successful media business, specialising in content management, social media as well as the more main stream print; magazines and television. There were plenty of high profile clients on their books but they were always keen to pitch for new ones.

  The agency was buzzing with life as he walked past the desks and seating areas through the sleek open plan office to the large boardroom at the back. He had a big presentation to attend today; his team had been working on a pitch for weeks and had put together something special in order to win the business of an important blue chip account. It was standard practice for one of the directors, usually Alex, to act as the client playing devil’s advocate to help to hone the skills of the presenter as well as ensuring that the team had everything covered. As he sat watching the video and listening to the presenters, he decided that it was good, they had done a good job, professional, efficient compelling. Copy writing, graphics, marketing, social, all the departments seemed to have pulled together on this one and this time he honestly could not find any flaws.

  As everything concluded, Alex thanked everyone for their obvious hard work and told them he wanted ten minutes to digest everything and he would come back to the lead team with his comments soon.

It had been quite a long presentation and he had been tired today. 'Why was he so tired,' he wondered to himself.

  Then he realised that he didn’t get much sleep last night; holy shit the woman was insatiable. He grinned at the thought of her on her knees in front of him licking his legs, licking his balls, sucking his cock. Blast, there it was again; the lust, the fire - he could feel his arousal begin again right down in his core. He ran his hand through his dark hair and chuckled softy to himself - feeling horny could feel so damned good. Maybe it was time to teach her the real meaning of marvellously rough and staggeringly gentle - an expression that she frequently threw at him as the way that real lovers should be. He usually responded by simply saying careful what you wish for and she would just laugh.



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