Ménage à Trois - Seriously sexy or just plain Ugggg? Would you invite a third person into your bed?

Explore a Ménage à Trois – seriously sexy
Explore a Ménage à Trois – seriously sexy

I recently wrote an article about creating a bucket list for sex – I called it a F@cket list and I suggested six sexy fantasies to put on your list to experience and explore just as soon as you can.

I sat down with my friends and just like girls do we ended up talking about men and sex and I told them about the fucket list article that I had written and ask them if they would take part in my little survey and provided that I promised to keep their details a secret, they all agreed,

To get off to a spicy start, the first thing that I asked was about a ménage or inviting a third person to join in and their answers gave me a bit of a shock.

Here is what I discovered from the women I asked.....

40% said that they had definitely imagined a threesome with two men and would love to try it given the opportunity.

10% said that they knew that their man fantasised about inviting another women to join them in bed and, mainly because of that, they would be very happy to try a threesome with another women.

20% got a bit defensive and said that sex was meant to be between one man and one woman and that’s the way that it should stay, so they would hate a threesome with anyone.

Fascinating eh? - Watch this space for what men think on the subject!

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