Ravaged - Is it pure lust, or a desperate passion?

Is it pure lust, or a desperate passion? From my small survey, I discovered 6 reasons why women like us want to be ravaged.

It’s when you see that attractive man on the street, in a bar or even in the supermarket and immediately you think of his arms wrapped around you, holding you tightly, making you feel wanted!

Being ravaged just represents supreme desire, it shouts out very loudly, ‘I can’t wait any longer, I’ve got to have you now.’ It’s desire, it’s longing, it’s control, it’s hot and it’s horny. Show me a person who doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of those passions and I’ll show you a person who is definitely missing out!

1. It’s such an aphrodisiac. When your lover tells you that he just can’t wait any longer to touch, to kiss or to stroke, the passion can be so hot that it almost burns and it feels so damned good.

2. We know that men are such visual creatures and the thought of being ravaged makes us want to dress to thrill and if we’ve got it we will most definitely flaunt it. If it racks up his temperature, we will love to wear sexy lingerie, basques and stockings to really push him over the edge.

3. Being ravaged makes a women feel wanted and desired. We all long to be wanted and so to be told that you are wanted via actions and not just words is an incredible feeling.

4. Not only does it feel good in instant stimulation terms, it is amazingly great for the ego and will definitely boost the most under confident person and put the proverbial spring in the step.

5. Being ravaged is so horny that it is something that you really wish you could tell your friends because you know without doubt that they would be jealous - but you don’t tell them because you just don’t kiss and tell.

6. Being ravaged is absolutely as good as going on holiday... you may come back completely worn out but you will feel refreshed and want to do it all over again as soon as you get the chance.

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