What’s so good about Kink?

bondage, pain, dominance and submission, sexual adventure
bondage, pain, dominance and submission, sexual adventure

Now there is a question for us all to consider - for those of us that indulge in a little bit of kink and even for those of us that don’t - it’s still a fascinating subject.

The most interesting thing is that although it’s probably more prevalent now than ever before, the subject remains taboo whichever side of the fence you sit on: if you are into so called kinky sex, it’s not usually something that you would choose to discuss openly. You may discuss it with a few select acquaintances that have the same tastes as you, if you are lucky enough to meet such people, but, somehow, it just doesn’t seem to be a suitable subject for general conversation, possibly because of fear of judgement. Those amongst us that are possibly more prudish or even for the people that think that vanilla is best, discussing the options and right and wrongs of kinky sex doesn’t appear to be an option either unless, perhaps it’s in a derogatory fashion and that of course is up to each individual, but please don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

So it’s really all about definition - what is kink? Kink is different things to different people but for me it’s something other than vanilla sex. Something more than two people having sex in a bed in the missionary position, although vanilla sex can be awesome too depending on the people concerned.

Then of course there is mildly kinky all the way through to downright scary kinky – again depending on your personal tastes and your own point of view, but it is worth noting that the most important thing, as with any sort of sex, is that it must be consensual.

So kinky is at its core, simply a state of mind, willingness for sexual adventure, a desire to explore other ways to derive sexual pleasure in both a giving and receiving scenario.

Common kinks could be mild bondage; hands tied, ankles tied, handcuffed with spanking, flogging, nipple clamps and other forms of mild pain all through to completely hog tied, blind folded and gagged, whipped or caned and anal fisted as well as complete submission and utter domination and all sorts of things in between. There are fetishes too which many people would consider to be kinky as well as a desire for ménage or group sex, voyeurism, the seemingly passionate desire to wear or witness the wearing of certain clothes such as uPVC, rubber, leather thigh boots or hoods and back to simple things like outdoor sex and sex in front of others.

The list is probably endless – so go on, treat yourself, explore your fantasies, break out your inner kink and let the adventures begin. For inspiration read some of my short stories, you might just see yourself, or find something that you would like to try.

Jesse x

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