Fair Share of Erotica - But is passionate, erotic sex all in your head?

Have you read your share of erotica?

I read my fair share of erotica - well you’ve got to keep up with what’s out there haven’t you? I hate to say it but some of it is just plain awful - no story line, plastic characters and not a lot of dialogue but often plenty of ‘wham bam thank you mam’ Many of these stories seem to suggest that people go around ready to have sex with strangers with virtually no pre amble or conversation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for getting on with things but I’ve always believed that really good passionate, erotic sex is in your head so using your imagination, a little flirt and tease can go along long way to getting those delicious juices flowing.

Although some erotic books are a bit grim, there are some very good books out there that do a fine a job of starting a fire and arousing even the coolest of individuals.

For my books, I like to include a bit of a build up, because honestly that’s the way I like it in reality, so there’s usually a back story as well as details about the characters. Don’t worry though, my stories always include very graphic descriptions of hot steamy sex to help you fully enjoy the action taking place. Some of my stories are based on real experiences whilst others are pure fantasy – and even if you think you can guess which is which, I will never, never confirm or deny your suspicions! Lol

When I write, I really live every encounter and feel the intense exquisite pleasure, the absolute thorough fucking, as well as the all - consuming passion that they bring, and my plan is to make you feel it too as you read each story for yourself. Be warned though, many of my stories involve hard core kink and often include flogging, rough sex, clamping and biting, DP and multiple partners but always with red hot passion and complete and utter abandon – so if you think that will be too much - well then I guess my books are not for you.

The women, my heroines are usually voluptuous, and often inclined to exhibitionism with a desire or at least an inclination to present themselves for the unbridled use of more than one man. Understandably perhaps, there are always many suitors prepared to stand in line and wait their turn if necessary.

Please feel free to contact me, I’m always open to suggestions and plan to publish new stories as often as I can. Jesse@jessicalansdown.com.

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