The Alpha Male real or just a dream?

What’s so Good about the Alpha Male and does He Really Exist?

What is an Alpha Male?

Six Cool Reasons why only an Alpha will do.

When it comes to choosing a partner, in these days of internet dating, women are often faced with decisions about what they want from a man. All the physical stuff like height, build and hair colour is all very personal, but when it comes to type, that is when the dilemma really begins. Do we want soft and cuddly and lovey-dovey, mean and moody, dark and dangerous, or is there something in between? Someone to wine and dine you, treat you like a queen in public, someone to open doors, bring you gifts, send you flowers or maybe you prefer the wham bam thank you mam kind of approach, a not bothered womaniser type that is always looking for the next conquest.

It’s much more simple than that; most women, it seems, want someone that knows what he is doing, someone that knows what he wants and how to go about getting it - so is the man of your dreams an Alpha Male?

... And if so, what’s so good about an Alpha Male and does he really exist? Check out our six cool reasons why only an Alpha will do.

1. Alpha males look after themselves - they are fit and they know it. It’s not necessarily that they go to the gym or even that they have washboard abs and a flat stomach – it’s more about the way they carry themselves and what they wear. A stained tee shirt or baggy sweat pants just means that he doesn’t care about his appearance. Alphas smell nice and are always clean, they think about what to wear to accentuate all their best bits, because they want to look their best and then the way they wear it, the way that they move; well, their built in confidence will make it all seem so effortless.

2. Alphas tend to enjoy male pursuits like watching sport and drinking beer, although there can be no doubt that they enjoy the company of women. Of course, there has to be some kind of physical attraction, yes, but Alphas also want women that have something to offer conversationally. Alphas are interested in the opinions of others, particularly women, and often will ask the most probing questions and actually listen to the answers.

3. Alphas tend to be very good at talking dirty, but only once you have passed into the passionate stage and, if they want you, they seem to have the knack of getting you to that moment when you are just ready. Alphas are good at flirting and using clever innuendo, always avoiding anything sleazy or tacky. He will do his damnedest to seduce you into his bed by telling you all the things that he will do to make you scream and beg for more – and you will believe every word.

4. It’s all about the mix of couldn’t care less and possessiveness. An alpha will want you to do your own thing and will love that you are an independent woman, but don’t indicate that he is just one of many unless you want to lose him, because there is no way he will want to share. He may be happy to give you freedom but, whatever he says, he will want to possess you – all of you.

5. Frequently mercurial and enigmatic, the Alpha male is a man who has many sides and will often surprise the hell out of you. He can tease you and seduce you, telling you that he is addicted to you and that he must have you and have you now. He will take you and pin you down and f@ck you senseless, controlling and utterly sexual but ever mindful of your needs and pleasures, although, he is not frightened to call you beautiful and make slow sweet love to you for hours.

6. Occasional complements at the right moments serve to once again confirm that your Alpha Male notices everything about you, and sometimes he will tell you because he wants you to feel good. He’ll tell you that he loves the clothes that you wear, that you are sex on legs and, whilst he loves that all the other guys look at you, he knows that you will be leaving with him.

So wow, what a man - the alpha male - a sweet talking dirty talking hot and sexual man that is happy for you to be independent but still wants to possess you. He’s manly and wants your opinion about things, he notices when you’ve had a hair cut or you are wearing a new dress and he will compliment you, telling you that you are beautiful and sexy – oh, and he wants you like crazy and he’s terrific in bed!

Err... I can’t help but wonder - is this Alpha Male real or just a dream?

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