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Jessica Lansdown Biography


As I said, I am a sex advocate and fiercely believe in escaping to a good erotic story as often as you can... and that is what this site is all about.

Anyway, I’m always working on a few projects; and at the moment, I’m writing a Novel, Possession & Desire, a full on Romance which includes plenty of suspense, intrigue and hot erotic liaisons. I’m also  scripting various episodes  for my latest Podcast Series on Consensual Kink. I’ve set the scene for my latest book which is called Dangerous Curves and is about a man with a big boobs fetish although work on that is ongoing.

Soon all of my current work plus ongoing  and unpublished writing  as well my regular Podcasts will only be available for members of my Patreon pages, so I hope you will think it’s worth supporting me and join me

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