I'm Jesse – Sex advocate, Erotica aficionado, Wannabe slut, Kink and D/s Switch in Training.


I like a little build up (don’t we all?) and I’m rather keen on kink.

If you like to read about sex with multiple partners or gangbangs, you are into all kinds BDSM and or would like to try cuckolding, it’s worth trawling through my stories as there is sure to be something there for you.

I’m quite keen on Blogs too. I express my views in my own way on numerous sexually related topics including various ‘how to’ or ‘where to’ information if appropriate. I live in hope that armed with that information, readers will be encouraged to dare to explore the more sexy side of life and maybe even read one or two of my little books.

The only way to know if you might like my topics and my style is to read one of my books or blogs.

Have a browse around the Blogs section or take a look at the Free Reads page and choose something to get you started – you’ve got nothing to lose.