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Jessica Lansdown Biography

I think that men like porn, probably because men are so very visual, but I’m not really that keen on porn, it always seems so contrived somehow. I do of course enjoy exceptionally good sex and the romantic in me loves the foreplay of a good story, too. Whether it’s sexual submission, dominance, multiple partners and/or some consensual BDSM style kink... the written word always does it for me and that’s probably why I started writing as I have lots to share.

I tend to think that many people are partial to reading some sheet clawing escapism. I’m sure that lots of us can imagine being dominated sexually, or perhaps you like to be the one in control or maybe you are just a little bit addicted to the alpha. Whatever you are into, its a certainly that we all deserve to escape to an erotic story as often as possible. So, if you like to read about sex in all its many splendored glory, check out some of my writing and get yourself a JessicaTry me for free

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