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Patreon is a subscription based website that allows you to support content creators like me.

For your donation, you receive special benefits that nobody else receives - usually in the form of early or exclusive access to my work.


That access is both varied and broad and whilst I know that I’m a little biased

(lol ), I think that you will find that you do get a lot for your money.

With your support, I’ll be able to write regularly and spend more time working on and creating the stuff that you love. That means that I can release new content for you to read, look at and listen too on a regular basis.

        Joining my growing community of passion podcast fans and erotic romance lovers will get you access to more than 40 posts which includes, numerous books, blogs, various images, erotic short stories as well as Podcast episodes - and I’m adding to that all the time.

Just click the GET ACCESS buttons below to join the community today!


Early & Exclusive Access to Jessica’s Hot & Steamy Books

& Menage Erotic One Shots

Tier One

Early Access To Jessica ‘s books

Exclusive  access to  Menage : Erotic One Shots

Early Access to Mini-Pods From the Passion Collector

£3 or $4/month

Podcast Series about Consensual Kinks  plus a One shot short  to complement 

& Fantasies  via  Mini Pods from the Passion Collector

Laid Bare B.jpg

Tier Two

Early Access To Jessica ‘s books

Exclusive  access to  Menage: Erotic One Shots

Early Access to Laid Bare Podcasts

Exclusive Access To Blog Blows

Early Access To Erotica Quizz pods

Early Access to MiniPods From the Passion Collector

£6 or $7/month

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