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It's an Exclusive Club

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Here’s Why you need a Jessica

(or lots of them)


If you’ve always wondered about Kink, dreamt about the life of a submissive, love the thought of being dominated or always been a wannabe Minx, a Jessica will be a revelation.

Join us to escape into fantasies that you’ve always known about or frequently wondered about.

Come on in and join the free Trial, or just sign up for monthly membership to get it all – you can cancel anytime you like.

It’s an Exclusive Club

Join Patreon for Exclusive Content

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Free Trial

Just Silly Not To...

If you are a fan of Kink, Submission, Domination, Multiple Partners and Cuckolding, now, for the first time, you can explore my writings and go for a no obligation free trial.

A free trial is right for you if you’ve been reading some of my early chapters elsewhere and want more or, if you just want to see what it’s all about, before becoming a fully-fledged member, click through and Get Access to your


Readers Club       Sold Out


You Know you Like it… 


This is for fans of general kink ( if there is such a thing )

Submission, domination, cuckolding

By pledging your support in this tier, you are showing your appreciation for my work

And helping to make it possible for me to write more future stories


Early Access to selected completed stories and chapters that will eventually make it to other sites

£3 or $4/month

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Fantasy Feeders 


You Know you Want it… 

Fantasy feeders cant wait to get their eyes on the next chapter!

All the kink & romance from the previous tier plus 

more specifically kinky stories and chapters including Dogging,

Bondage multiple partners and more.

You gain early access to Podcasts and Mini-Podcasts

And you can also, request or suggest topics for polls or podcasts

£5 or $6/month

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Too Much is Not Enough


Come and Get it… 

All the kink from the previous tier and more … If you have a  serious  interest in revelations around  Dommes, Doms, Gangs, Subs and Cucks, along with firmer control, with sadistic tendencies read my more personal accounts in Jessica’s Travels. Ask me about my experiences, tell me about yours to get the chance to be included in future chapters and stories. Go on – you know you want to...

£10 or $12/month

Become a Member and Get Access to Everything that I Create.

Joining my growing community of passion podcast fans and erotic romance lovers will get you access to almost 200 posts which includes, numerous books, blogs, various images, erotic short stories as well as Podcast episodes - and I’m adding to that all the time.

Just click the GET ACCESS buttons above to join the community today!

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