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A Woman Controlled

It all happens in The Domain - the luxury apartment where Pete takes the voluptuous Helen who happily submits to his dominant and controlling ways until a couple of neighbours arrive to introduce themselves and then one thing leads to another. Pete invites them to explore Helen's tied, naked body and they hungrily oblige - Lots of explicit sex keeping everyone happy especially the lovely Helen who is always aching for more.

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Category: Erotica , BDSM

Tags: erotic fiction, adult fiction, novel erotica, short erotic fiction, sexy short stories, erotica, bdsm, submission, spanking, explicit, dominance, restraint


Words: 6000

ISBN: 9780463212400


***** I really liked this short story, it wa# very erotic.

***** Hot Hot HOT!
Wow! I love this one ... maybe it's because my name's Pete! The Pete in question here exercises complete control over willing sub Helen ... and she loves it. When the neighbours get involved, she loves it even more. Helen is a lady I'd really love to meet. 6 stars really!

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