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Another Bull for The Wife and The Cuckold

Steve still gets hot when he remembers how it felt last time and he longs to experience it all over again. So when bull Rick suggests that they all go out for dinner, Steve can’t wait to tell his lovely wife Sally about the invitation. But when Rick’s millionaire boss shows up and insists on being included Steve and Sally are very happy to comply and so it turns out to be another bigger, firmer Bull for the Wife and the Cuckold. You are bound to love the climax of this short erotica novel


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Category: Erotica , MILF, Cuckold

Tags: erotic fiction, adult fiction, novel erotica, short erotic fiction, sexy short stories, hot wife, anal play, explicit, erotica, hot sex, bull, alpha male, adults only, cuckold, sex stories, cuckolded by the boss, hardcore, novella, Erotic Fiction, Adult Fiction, Novel Erotica, Short Erotic Fiction, Sexy Short Stories


Words: 5820

ISBN: 9780463360729

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