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***Jessica's Travels

Get ready to come with me on my hot kinky travels.

I’ve always been a little ‘naughty ‘and in the beginning, my adventures started quite slowly and some might even say they seem tame, but if you’re into kink, I  know that you’ll find it’s worth the journey. Looking back, it seems clear that as I gained experience and confidence, it’s likely that the people that I met along the way helped to shape my kinks and quirks. People Like Stephen the Dom , John the sadist, Aaron the Cuckold,  big Jimmy and the gang bangers, and of course Ryan the masochist... and that’s just a few of my influencers!

Anyway, these recollections of mine are for members or patrons only and the more support I get , the faster Ill be able to share the sordid dirty details of my travels…


**Addicted to the Alpha -Sexually Explicit Stories 

There is something about an Alpha male. Frequently mercurial and enigmatic, the Alpha male is wickedly controlling and uses that strong mix of couldn’t care less and possessiveness to keep you on the line. Our Alphas want to dominate any and all sexual situations;- calling the shots and  dispensing punishment just as routinely as sexual seduction, making you beg for it as they discover your dirty little secrets and use them all against you. 





*Switch Kink  E

It was dirty kinky sex and they loved it. Hannah and Pete both enjoyed the feeling of control and they both enjoyed being controlled too and often switched between the two. They pushed each other to new highs; withholding orgasms or encouraging multiple orgasms acting out fantasies and planning scenarios and for supreme mixtures of pleasure and pain, they used all sorts of sex toys and sometimes they got other people involved too. These are their stories…

*Lessons in Submission

Vanilla? Surely sex should be better than this? She’d place an advert. It would be an adventure.

Lysette was attractive, confident, self sufficient, financially affluent as well as all around independent. On the surface she had it all. But she was bored, it was all so damned vanilla, she wanted more, she needed excitement, she wanted passion. She wanted someone else to take control; she absolutely craved someone to take her, control her, dominate her. She decided that she had a simple one liner that said it all so she gathered all her courage and typed out the profile for the web site. ‘Tall, confident woman seeks lessons in submission from dominant alpha male.’ Then she met Jack.

*The Wife the Bull and the Cuckold

Sally and Steve have been together for a long time. Steve is a really nice man and that could be the problem. Now Sally wants more, she wants a firmer hand, she wants to be controlled and she wants to try new things. Steve will do anything for Sally and he confides in a work colleague who tells him exactly what to do to make his wife happy... and so it begins.


**Sex Addicts Anonymous

Josephine had things that she wanted to confess. She’d actually begun to wonder if she’d somehow become addicted to sex... and if she had, was that a bad thing, or could it actually be a good thing? She had to confide in someone, so she told the one man that she knew wouldn’t judge her. But things don’t always turn out the way you plan. As Josephine recounts her story, sex consultant Michael can’t control his own arousal or his reaction to this intriguing and alluring woman.

*Sex Fantasy

His phone beeped & interrupted his thoughts he looked at the message. It was a revealing photo of her. There was a simple message-want to get marvellously rough and staggeringly gentle with me soon?   Olivia is such a tease, but has she gone too far this time? It’s a power play of erotic proportions as two hot and powerful men take the lovely Olivia to the very edge. Alex is sweet and gentle, John is dominating and rough working together they push Olivia to her limits and beyond and she is bound to comply!

*Possession & Desire

They were lucky. Both in the right place at the right time. Both pretending, both playing it cool but soon their burning attraction meant that it was too late to stop.

Now add some very hot sex, an evil character with sociopathic tendencies, throw in some bad blood, a few insecurities and lots of raging jealousy…. mix it all altogether and it’s a recipe for some dark and very dangerous results.

**All for Her Master

Handsome Jake recognises Amanda as the Submissive that he has always dreamt of and he sets about introducing her to the pleasures of BDSM.Jake Franklyn knew all there was to know about films. He had sold his successful screenplay company for a tidy sum and now he organised a film club for fun. But Jake had a deep dark secret that he longed to share - a mysterious, erotic secret that consumed his nights and many of his waking hours too. He had dated lots of women, but none of them measured up to his expectations... then he met Amanda



**Dangerous Curves

With so many thin women in his life, Gavin can’t believe his luck when he meets curvy voluptuous Jena. With a fetish like craving for big breasted women, Jena ticks all the right boxes, and when she seems more than happy to call him ‘Sir’ dominant Gavin is determined to keep her.

Jena is a voluptuous, curvy woman with full natural breasts and long legs. She wants to be gorgeous, but usually just feels too big, too tall, and not the least bit gorgeous. Although she doesn’t notice, many men look at Jena‘s curves and want her. Naturally dominant Gavin is desperate to meet a voluptuous woman with big breasts and curves in all the right places to follow his lead. When their lives interact, it’s the beginning of a raging passion that neither of them has ever experienced.



**For Her Exclusive Pleasure

They talk fantasy, they talk adventure, but as Edward indulges her ultimate desires, will Gina surrender to the dream and will Edward love the results? Edward has arranged to meet Gina in a luxury country hotel for a weekend of sex and relaxation. She arrives and goes to the bar to meet him as arranged but he’s late and soon, Gina finds herself chatting to a small group of handsome men-Is this all part of Edward’s plan to indulge her fantasies?

*Tier One   **Tier Two   ***Tier Three

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