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THe Wife The Bull & The Cuckold

Sally  had said that she wanted him to be more dominant sexually and, when he had admitted that he found it difficult to behave that way, she suggested that they should look for someone else to join them. Steve was surprised at how arousing the thought of that actually was.

Steve was in heaven, although he was still a little torn. He felt bad because somehow it seemed wrong to enjoy this all so very much. It seemed wrong to love watching his wife being so thoroughly sucked and fucked by these two men. He loved watching them push her legs open. He could see their hands all over her body – fingers in her cunt, pinching on that hard clit, more fingers corkscrewing in her arse, just getting her ready for more hard cock. But not only that, he had loved licking and sucking on their big cocks; Rick’s impressive thick veiny shaft with its angry looking purple head and full balls and Alan’s monster cock, thicker, longer, smoother with a bigger bulbous head that Steve could just about get into his mouth. But oh, fuck it was worth the struggle.

And wrong? How could it be wrong if everyone had a great time. He knew that Sally loved it and that was the most important thing, he enjoyed her moaning and watching her writhe. Steve loved it too He loved making both men hard, and harder, knowing that those cocks would give his Sally pleasure as they each pushed into her wet holes, pumping like big well-oiled pistons making her big tits bounce. He wondered fleetingly if they might practice fucking on him, pushing their cocks into him? What would he do, what could he do?


Extract from The Wife The Bull & The Cuckold click for details

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