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It’s always good to get something for free…

Lots of the books and stories on these pages are available for free on WattPad, Inkitt or Literotica. To get access to everything I write  as well as comment and contribute, become a member of my Patreon pages. Inside my Patreon page, you can get access to upcoming and published stories, series, erotica one-shots, novellas and personal blogs. Read before anyone else, comment and contribute to ongoing work and bonus chapters.
If you want to find out what’s going on in my writing world, please sign up to my newsletter. 

Lessons in Submission Free Taster.jpg

Do you want more from your sex life? Is there something missing?

Sex Fantasy.jpg

Do you long for the attentions of more than one man - or maybe you want to watch her with another man?

Sex Addicts Anonymous Session One.jpg

Join Josephine as she walks and talks us through her experiences

on her sex filled journey to become a sex addict.

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Check out the Power of Three offers

and free stuff at PleasureMoves

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