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Jessica's Travels

Get ready to come with me on my hot kinky travels.

I’ve always been a little ‘naughty ‘and in the beginning, my adventures started quite slowly and some might even say they seem tame, but if you’re into kink, I  know that you’ll find it’s worth the journey. Looking back, it seems clear that as I gained experience and confidence, it’s likely that the people that I met along the way helped to shape my kinks and quirks. People Like Stephen the Dom , John the sadist, Aaron the Cuckold,  big Jimmy and the gang bangers, and of course Ryan the masochist... and that’s just a few of my influencers!

Anyway, these recollections of mine are for members or patrons only and the more support I get , the faster Ill be able to share the sordid dirty details of my travels…

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