Lessons in Submission

Looking to explore her fantasies, Lysette Brown looks for a Dominant man to give her lessons in Submission. She meets Jack who is very keen to enjoy Lysette and the red hot lessons that he has planned.

New Submissive Lysette finds that she is quickly caught up in the world of BDSM and she loves it – her Master Jack has big plans for his new submissive introducing her to  exhibitionism, climax denial, spanking, stretching, gang banging and a whole lot more. Read all about her hot and very horny experiences along with her complete submission to Jack and all in every lesson.

WARNING - this is a very explicit Erotic Fiction and should only be read by the broad minded.

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Chapter One



She wasn’t sure if she should write a profile making her wishes clear or hold back on saying too much at all and wait to see if anyone contacted her. This was all completely new territory, she was anxious but also determined and scary as it was, if she didn’t do it now, experience it now, somehow she felt that she never would. So after lots of false starts and lots of crossings out, she decided that she had a simple one liner that said it all so she gathered all her courage and typed out the profile for the web site.

‘Tall, confident woman seeks lessons in submission from dominant alpha male.’

Her finger hovered over the submit button for a few moments and then... tap, the words disappeared and a message came straight back which read - Congratulations - your profile has been sent for review. We will confirm that your profile has been approved and is live within twenty-four hours.

Lysette Brown was a public relations specialist and a manager in a large blue – chip-company with offices all over the world. She was attractive, confident, self sufficient, financially affluent as well as all around independent. On the surface she had it all; a beautiful apartment, high quality furnishings, modern wall art, wardrobes full of clothes and shoes, and a high end luxury car. She had friends and a good social life as well as a couple of nice attractive men that took her out whenever she wanted them to. But it was all too easy. She had slipped into a routine in her working life and socially and she was bored. Her sex life didn’t help, it was all so damned vanilla, she wanted more, she needed excitement, she wanted passion.

She had read a book about a submissive woman being flogged and fucked by her master and his friends and it made her feel so horny. She knew that she absolutely had to try it for herself. She wanted someone else to make the decisions for a change, to take control; she absolutely craved someone to take her, control her, dominate her. She longed to be tied to a bed and feel the bite of whip on her backside, she imagined the thrill.

She tried hinting at what she wanted with the men that she knew; she tried talking to them about her fantasies, but they just didn’t get it and honestly they were very nice, but that, she suspected was the problem, she simply didn’t want nice, she needed more.

Lysette had heard about a web site where people could meet like minded people for sexual encounters, but initially when she checked it out, her courage deserted her and she dismissed it right away as it had all seemed so seedy somehow.

But after a few weeks, the fantasies continued to invade her dreams and she decided to go back to the site and try again. She didn’t have to actually do anything if she didn’t want to she told herself, she could be choosy and only respond when she wanted. She would only meet someone if she really wanted to. So why be scared?

And so today was the day and once her profile had been accepted, the messages from various men seemed to come thick and fast. Most of the messages were a complete waste of time, some laughable, some clearly foreign without a proper grasp of English whilst others could only use text speak. After a few weeks she almost gave up but emboldened by all the interest that she had received, she decided to look around at the images of men who were actually on the site at that moment and, rather than waiting, she would approach anyone that she liked the look of. There was still no risk involved doing it this way, because even if she did get replies, she would be able to decide if she wanted to take it further or not. If this still didn’t work, she would shrink back to her old self and make the best of what she had.

After scanning the images, she saw an ad for Jack from London. It was his photo that drew her attention although his profile sounded just right too.

Decent hard working alpha male into the finer things in life looking for a tall feisty female, first time submissive to introduce to the pleasures of BDSM. She will be confident in her own skin and comfortable with multiple attentions.

She took some time preparing her response, wanting to sound keen, but not too pushy. Finally, she responded saying that she thought they sounded well suited and invited Jack to look at her profile to see if he agreed that they might click.

She logged on to the site each night in the hope of a response and after four days, finally, she received a short message from Jack. He told her that he didn’t believe in lots of email exchanges and that he just he wanted to meet her.

She had readily agreed and he told her where and when he wanted to see her as well as what he wanted her to wear. ‘Don’t be late,’ he said, ‘I’ll be waiting and then I’ll let you know if I think we might click.’

Sounds arrogant, she thought, but hell, he’s a dominant man supposedly so he’s bound to be that way I suppose.

So bolshy and arrogant, sure of himself, maybe even over confident, but whatever it was, he had caught her interest somehow, using just the right language saying the right things although, at this moment, she couldn’t remember exactly what he had said. This Jack sounded so unlike the men that she was usually attracted too who were always smooth, too smooth. She was definitely attracted to him; Jack’s photo showed that he had black shoulder length hair that just curled over his collar, brown eyes and dark gypsy looking features that made him look strong and a little wicked.

They had arranged to meet at the champagne bar in St Pancras station and he had told her that her dress should be tight with a few buttons undone on her top along with high heeled shoes and hold up stockings; he told her it was the first test.

Lysette, usually so sure of herself, felt a little anxious but she soon realised that her fears were unfounded as Jack was really nice and they got along well from the start. He was attentive, funny and clearly intelligent with a slightly foreign sounding accent. They talked about his work which was financial consultancy. He told her that he had clients from all over the world that trusted him to advise them on investments. He said he had being doing business with some of them for so long, that he had developed a number of good friendships. Jack asked Lysette about her work and so she explained briefly that she worked in public relations for a big company and he seemed keen to know what her work entailed. Jack wanted to know if she was the boss and how many staff she had. He asked her if she had to make big decisions about policy or budget and if she enjoyed the job. They talked about music and books and he was interested to know, what she thought about this music style or that book and they chatted amiably for some time.

For Lysette it was a welcome change to have someone that seemed genuinely interested in her and what she had to say.

After a few glasses of champagne, and lots of light hearted conversation, Lysette began to wonder if they would ever talk about the lessons in submission that he said he had on offer. She liked him. There was something about him, a sort of quiet power that was thought provoking and incredibly alluring too. God she hoped he knew what he was doing, she hoped he would actually be that dominant man she thought he would be. Now, there was a lull in conversation and she wondered how to turn the conversation around to sex and dominance and submission, but it was Jack who started things off.

‘So Lysette, tell me what do you think of all this so far?’ Jack asked her, looking directly into her eyes, his deep brown eyes staring intently back at hers.

‘Yes, I think it’s fine,’ she replied smiling up at him.

‘Well shall we get down to brass tacks?’ he said.

‘Yes of course,’ she said, pleased but suddenly anxious again, ‘please do.’



Chapter Two



‘I like to put my cards on the table so I’m going to tell you what I am looking for and what I expect. Then I want you to tell me what you are looking for and we’ll take it from there, okay?’ He didn’t wait for a response.

‘I have a certain way, certain wants, desires and rules if you will. I’m looking for a woman, just like you, that I can train to be a good submissive. I have shown you the side of me that I want you to see – the charming, flirty Jack but I do have a darker side, and whilst I can be soft and gentle, I am inclined to be more of a control freak, deciding what I want and then taking it. How does that sound so far?’ he asked.

‘Well it depends,’ she said, ‘on what your wants and desires might be and what it is you are looking for specifically I suppose.’

‘Well I like the way you look, which is of course a very good start. You have done what I asked in terms of what you have worn for our meeting here today. Again a good start, but make no mistake, I will want you to do exactly as I say,’ he replied.

‘Well I understand that,’ Lysette replied.

‘Don’t interrupt,’ he snapped.

‘Sorry,’ she said.

He smiled, ‘Just be quiet for a moment and listen.’

‘You want specifics you said - well here goes; the first’s thing is complete obedience - your whole desire should be to please me and your obedience and willingness to do anything I ask will achieve that.’

Lysette had never been subservient in any way to anyone ; she was always in charge, always the one to make the decisions at work and in her life and so the thought of being obedient to this man was a little odd but strangely appealing and erotic too. She wanted to ask just how obedient, obedient was, but she stayed quiet for the moment.

‘When we are together,’ he continued, ‘you will dress as I tell you to dress, you will not wear panties in my company and you will be prepared to be fucked at any time and in any place that I choose. I am happy for you to be playful and flirty in public and I don’t mind if you want to be flirty with other men because they are bound to look at an attractive women like you but, without my permission, you don’t go any further than being flirty.’

‘I will not ask you to do menial things like cleaning or cooking or anything like that as all my demands will be completely and utterly sexual.’

‘I will routinely whip you whenever the fancy takes me with whatever I want to use which could be my hands, a bath brush or most probably, a thick leather flogger. The flogger is my favourite because it makes a particularly attractive set of red stripes on soft buttocks - do you have soft buttocks Lysette?’ he asked, suddenly visualising this woman bent over.

Lysette opened her mouth to speak and was relieved when he went on ‘No, don’t tell me, it’s best if I find out for myself. I may want you to bend over a particularly hard bench in my apartment with your legs spread and the curtains open so that my horny neighbours will see me whipping your arse and pussy lips and you will beg for more.’ Jack looked over at her, and enjoyed the look of mild shock that registered on her face and smiled to himself as he continued, ‘You will also beg to be allowed to stay there exposed to the world because you know that it pleases me when you show yourself off like a slut. I may leave you there for fun or even ask my neighbours around, inviting them to use your body in any way they want to. I will supply all the tools and then sit back and watch the show and we will both love it. Oh and it’s best that you know that after they have used your body for their pleasure, you will be punished severely for being such a slut. Mmm delicious,’ he said.

‘You will suck my cock whenever and wherever I want you to and you will service all my friends in any way that I choose, because you know that it will please me if you do.’

‘How does that sound so far? Have I shocked you or are those lace panties of yours dripping wet,’ he asked, smirking.

Lysette felt incredibly shocked and virtually speechless, but more by the fact that what he had said had turned her on so much and he was right, she knew that she was wet.

‘Shall I go on, Lysette?’ he asked, studying her intently, ‘or is that already too much for your feminine sensibilities?’

She was silent.

‘Answer me,’ he demanded.

‘Please continue,’ she replied.


Jack had become a little blasé about all this. The advert on the sex site had proved to be useless. It wasn’t the quantity of contacts but rather the quality that had been disappointing. He’d been approached by a number of women from the advert, and most of them just wanted or needed a good hard fuck. He could get that any time but to Jack a submissive woman was a special woman. He wanted to find that someone that he could train to become a true submissive, someone that would learn to follow his instructions, someone whose needs he would fulfil, someone he would respect and care for and that would fill all his needs too.

Jack had almost dismissed the message from Lysette, but something about the words she used, something about the way it was written just made him curious so he decided that he would at least go through the motions and if it didn’t work, then, well it wouldn’t matter.

 ‘Good girl,’ he said, ‘a few more specifics since you did ask for specifics.’ Jack had never said so much to any of the women that had come before Lysette, but hell he really liked the look of her and, he wanted to see her reaction so he went on. He would just see how shocked he could make her.

‘I do like anal sex and I like to use vibrators. I have a rather splendid collection and I like to use them all. But don’t worry, I will use plenty of lube before I push the very big ones into your arse and if it pleases me, I might have a vibrator in your arse and another in your cunt at the same time so you must be prepared for that. You must never, never cum until I give permission and believe me, with a vibe rammed in your arse and another one vibrating in your pussy you will find it almost impossible not to cum - but if you do without my permission,’ he grinned, ‘there will be lots of punishment, so better not disobey me.’

‘Of course, you do have a little say in what happens to you,’ he said, smiling at her benevolently.

‘Thank god for that,’ Lysette thought, still a little overwhelmed by his words.

‘You can tell me your hard limits. I mean if there is anything that you definitely don’t want to do, or have done to you, and we will agree on a safe word in advance, a word that you can use to make everything stop.’

‘So everything clear?’ he asked. ‘Any questions?’ Lysette nodded her agreement.

‘No questions and yes, everything is clear. Oh yes, there is one question,’ she said ‘how obedient is obedient?’

You will carry out all my instructions fully and immediately without question. If you hesitate you will be punished. You will not be insolent or petulant, such behaviour will be punished. I haven’t decided at this stage but I may ask you to call me Sir or Master.’

Lysette couldn’t help herself and she sniggered.

Jack was very serious as he looked up at her sharply. ‘Something amuses you Lysette?’ he asked, his voice laced with considerable anger.

She didn’t say anything.

‘Answer me Lysette,’ he demanded.

‘No sorry, nothing funny,’ she stammered. Shit he was serious; she couldn’t imagine calling anyone Sir or Master.

‘Think about what I have said, it’s important that you like the sound of the specifics,’ he said chuckling. ‘It will be a big change for you, giving up control, having to completely please a man without question. It will be like a journey of discovery, but if it’s truly what you want, then I expect that you may find it all rather liberating.’

‘Okay now, your turn. Tell me what you are looking for Lysette.’

He could see her hesitate.

He waited for a few moments ‘Do you want to feel a man taking control of you, making you do things?’ he asked her.

‘Yes, I think so,’ she replied.

‘And do you want to be tied up, your arms and legs stretched out like a giant cross on a bed and your wrists and ankles restrained so that you are completely helpless?’

‘Erm yes, I think I do,’ she said.

‘But you are not sure?’ Jack asked.

‘Yes I’m sure, it just seems odd talking about it this way,’ she said.

‘Better that we both know what the other wants, isn’t it?’ he asked, ‘and if it turns out that it is what we both want – then please don’t worry, we will both get very hot and horny then.’

‘So Lysette, tell me what else?’ She was still a little hesitant.

‘Do you want to be whipped,’ he asked her, ‘do you like the thought of pain on that lovely soft back side of yours?’

‘Yes,’ she whispered.

Have you thought about having the attentions of more than one man Lysette, this won’t be lovey–dovey, it’s much more likely to be rough and ready, are you sure that’s want you want.

‘Oh yes,’ she replied, feeling stronger now, ‘yes, I’d like to try everything that you have described; I want to experience it all.’

‘Good,’ he said, ‘now I want you to go the ladies and take off your panties and bring them back to me. If you are not back within say ten minutes, I’ll assume that you don’t like what I have said and you’ll never hear from me again. But if you do come back, I’ll want to know your hard limits and your safe word and then we can make a start right away on your very first lesson.’

She just sat there for a moment, trying to take it all in.

‘Go on then,’ he urged, ‘off you go.’



Chapter Three



Jack watched Lysette walk away. She moved so well and what a figure; an hour glass shape, nice big breasts small waist big ass all shown so well in the tight dress that he had told her to wear. He began to wonder if he had said too much. Had he been too shocking, should he have moved more slowly, had he frightened her away? He realised with a stab of surprise that he really wanted her to come back. Based on all the things that he discovered about her during their earlier conversation and her reactions to the ‘specifics’ she had requested, he felt vaguely intrigued to note that she could be just what he was looking for.


Meanwhile, Lysette walked over to the ladies room and into a cubicle and after pulling down the seat she sat on top of it wondering what had just happened.

She thought through what he had said and the way that he had said it and realised with some surprise and a degree of trepidation that it was exactly what she wanted, he was what she wanted and she loved the sound of the demands that he would make. It was a bit scary giving up control so utterly, but wasn’t that what she wanted? She felt so damned horny now she just wanted to do it, to try it all.

She took of her soaked panties and pushed them into her bag and then unfastened another button on her top, she felt slutty and wanton and it felt good.

He saw her walking back and felt a warm flood of relief wash over him.

‘That was quick,’ he said, as she returned to her seat, putting her bag on the floor.

‘Did you do as I asked?’ he said.

‘Yes I did,’ she said, and she leaned forward to reach her handbag, knowing that he was watching her. She felt glad that he would be able to see more of her breasts. She pulled out the little bundle that was her wet panties and handed them to him.

He brought them up to his face and inhaled sharply, ‘Thank you,’ he said, ‘and yes, I got the little extra flash of your cleavage. I can’t wait to see all of you. I’m going to assume, because you are back here and in record time, that you want to proceed with me on the terms that I have described and that not only do you have an idea of what to expect, you are looking forward to it, correct?’ he said, looking up at her.

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘you are right, I want this.’

‘Are you ready to tell me your hard limits?’ he went on.

‘Yes, I already know what I don’t want. I don’t ever want to be gagged in any way,’ she said, and looked at him for a response.

‘That’s fine,’ he said.

‘I don’t like pee or pooh, so anything like that is definitely out and absolutely no canes,’ she said, waiting for his reaction.

‘Yes, all of that is okay, shame about the cane; I think you may grow to like that, but no matter.

What about a safe word?’ he said.

‘Well, I couldn’t really think of a word,’ she said.

‘Well then, I suggest mercy, it’s a good word, but only use it if you have to. Okay, well seems like we are all agreed, I have a room in the hotel at the end of the walk way here,’ he said, pointing up to the sumptuous Radcliffe Hotel, ‘shall we go?’

‘What, now?’ she asked

‘You said you wanted to try everything and there really is no time like the present unless of course you’ve changed your mind already? It’s quite alright if you want time to think about it, I’m not going to push you, we can arrange to meet up some other time, maybe.’ Jack said, preparing to be disappointed.

‘No, No it’s fine,’ she said quickly, ‘I just didn’t realise it would be right now, but I’m very happy that it is now so yes lets go.’ Her heart was hammering in her chest, she felt nervous, wondering what would happen, but very excited too.

They walked down past the shops and into the hotel lobby and getting into the lift, Jack pressed floor ten, the executive floor, and his cock tingled at the thought of this woman who he was now certain would be his new sub and he smiled to himself thinking of all the things he would make her do.

Once the lift was in motion Jack told Lysette to turn around and hitch up her skirt. ‘I want to see your arse,’ he said. She did as he asked and he reached out and fondled her back side, stroking it softly.

‘Now come closer and turn back to face forward, ’ he said quietly,’ push yourself right up to me to the side and then dip forward a little - I just want to see how wet you are.’

As she bent over, he put one hand on her back and pushed her down further and plunged two fingers into her wet pussy, working them around.

‘Oh,’ she murmured.

‘Mm, yes,’ he said ‘gorgeously wet.’

At that moment, the lift slowed, it was floor six and as the doors opened, he pulled her body up straighter and moved her skirt down in the front to cover her pussy and his fingers which he kept moving a little inside her. The doors opened and two men got in.

‘Good evening Jack,’ they said, eyeing Lysette, both grinning, ‘lovely evening.’

The doors closed again and the lift resumed its journey and Jack pushed his fingers into her harder, rubbing her clit from front to back, then pulled them out, pinching her clit tightly as he withdrew. A small moan escaped her. She moved to pull down her skirt at the back but Jack grabbed her hand and pushed the skirt back up. ‘I’m sure the guys will appreciate a quick flash of your lovely arse as we leave the lift,’ he whispered into her ear.

When they reached the tenth floor, both men turned to Jack and one said, ‘might we see you and your very lovely friend later?’

‘Quite possibly, quite possibly, we’ll see,’ Jack replied, knowing that they were hoping for a show or better still an invitation. ‘You know how to reach us,’ the other one said. Can we look forward to hearing from you; we’d love to get to know your new friend.’ He said pointedly looking her over from her very low cut top down to her short skirt.

‘Maybe,’ Jack said, noncommittally.



Chapter Four



As they left the lift, Lysette realised that her skirt was still hitched up and the men would indeed get a view of her naked arse but she didn’t care, she held her head high, it felt good.

The men in the lift held the doors open as they watched Jack and Lysette walking away. ‘She is a beauty and look at that lovely arse. Mmm, let’s hope we get some of that Paul’ one of the men said quietly and they smiled at the thought of it as the lift doors closed.

Lysette and Jack walked along the corridor to the very end and into his suite. Once inside she was amazed at its splendour; a deep pile carpet, sumptuous furniture, a dining table and chairs, a small kitchen and a balcony – it was lovely.

‘This is nice,’ she said, ‘do you live here?’ she asked.

‘Yes, I live here in the week. I always have this room because it’s a corner suite so the bedroom looks out onto the town from one window and the other window faces directly onto other rooms opposite, so it’s perfect for my purposes. Anyway, come and see the bedroom,’ he said.

The bed was huge; there was an ensuite shower room and what looked like a walk in wardrobe, a tall padded bench stood in front of the large window. She realised that this was the bench he would use when he whipped her and sometimes he would open the curtains and the people in the rooms opposite would be able to see everything quite clearly. A thrill went through her – it was so erotic, slutty exhibitionism, but so erotic.

‘Okay, well this is where it starts,’ he said. ‘If I ask you to do something you do it quickly and without question as I told you earlier.’

She took a breath and nodded in understanding.

‘Come over here, I want to look at your tits,’ he began to unfasten the other buttons on her top exposing her bra and he roughly pulled her breasts out of the bra.

‘Lovely big tits and super long nipples too, I’ve got a few friends that are going to love sucking on those. Her nipples hardened at the thought. You little slut,’ he said, ‘you like the thought of that don’t you?’

‘Answer me Lysette,’ he demanded.

 ‘Yes I do like the thought of that,’ she said quickly.

He reached down to a small table and picked up what looked like a wooden clothes peg. ‘See this Lysette, a common clothes peg. If I clamp it onto the side of one of your lovely long nipples, like that,’ and he clamped the peg half way down her nipple, ‘it will hurt a little but it will make the very end stand out nicely so I can bite and chew on it and it will make you squeal with such delight that you will want to cum. But remember my rule about cumming won’t you Lysette? Won’t you Lysette?’ he demanded, saying it just a little louder the second time.

‘Yes, yes, I will remember the rule,’ she said.

‘Which is?’ he said.

‘Don’t cum without your permission.’

‘Good girl. Now I’m going to clamp the other nipple.’ He squeezed the nipple between his fingers and applied the peg and then took the very end in his hot, wet mouth and he bit down gently at first and then proceeded to chew on the end of first one nipple and then the other and back to the first, it was exquisite pain and so much pleasure, and as the warmth spread through her she became even more wet - what was wrong with her, she couldn’t help but moan.

‘That good?’ he asked.

‘Oh yes,’ she said.

He stripped off her clothes; first her top, then he removed her bra and her big breasts bounced free, the pegs still in position. Next he pulled down her skirt.

‘Lovely looking pussy,’ he said, ‘and great that you are bare, I love that.’

He moved across to the bench and pulled the curtains closed.

‘Come over here,’ he said, but when she got to the bench he had changed his mind.

‘Get on the bed,’ he said, ‘and stretch your legs wide apart for me.’ She did as she was told and he knelt up in between her legs and from nowhere he produced another clothes peg.

’This little peg will squeeze your clit so beautifully and will be just like the effect it has on your nipples, it is even better on your clit but,’ he paused,’ I think you can wait for that.’

He moved a finger around the hot lips of her slick pussy and then pushed two fingers into her, then another - in and out fast and hard. Then Jack leant down and sucked her clit into his mouth, nipping and licking while still pushing his fingers into her.

She felt that she had been aroused for so long; just his talk about what he would do, exhibiting herself in front of others, saying other men would be sucking on her tits, it was all making her crazy; but now with her nipples cruelly pinched by the pegs and his long fingers roughly pushing in and out of her wet pussy – it was almost too much.

‘Oh God I’m going to cum, can I cum?’ she begged.

‘No, you may not cum,’ he said, ‘definitely not. I’m going to torment you for a lot longer yet,’ he said, grinning. ’It pleases me to torment you Lysette, and you will not cum until I tell you to.’ He went straight back to nipping, sucking and lapping up her juices hungrily. Remember the two guys in the lift? They especially love to eat pussy so they will really enjoy spending time with you and I’m so going to love watching their tongues lapping over your sweet pussy.’

‘Please,’ she said, ‘I want to cum.’

‘No Lysette, not yet, remember your aim is to please me,’ he said, ‘so no cumming yet, understand?’

‘Yes okay,’ she replied, realising now how difficult this was going to be.

He removed his fingers and told her to turn over and lie on her tummy.

‘Stick your arse in the air,’ he demanded.

He picked up two pillows from the bed and pushed them under her tummy to prop her up further and he moved her legs apart; her anus and pussy holes glistening and very exposed. Jack pulled out a cord that had been wrapped around each bed post and proceeded to tie her wrists and ankles in place, sliding his hands over her body and down along her stocking clad legs.

‘I’m going to start with a very light flogging, just to get you warmed up and to see if you like it, okay?’ he said. He didn’t wait for an answer; they both knew he was going to flog her anyway.

She felt the tails of something almost softly stroke across her backside a couple of times and then thwack, harder, three, harder still, four, five and he continued to flog her until she counted twelve strokes. She struggled to move away from the lash of the flogger but her restraints were firmly in place and she simply couldn’t move far enough. When he had finished he rubbed his hand gently over her hot red bottom.

‘Did you enjoy that?’ he asked. ‘Tell me Lysette, did you enjoy that?’

‘I did, if it pleased you,’ she said.

‘It did please me and I love the red stripes on your soft arse. Mmm, more of that later,’ he said.

She felt a cold liquid running across her sore backside and more flowing down into the crack of her anus and his fingers soothing the hot skin as he massaged the warming liquid across her buttocks and around and around her hole until she felt something warm and rubbery being pushed into the tip of her anus. After more lubricant, she felt it being pushed slowly but firmly further and further inside her, moving back and forth. Then the low vibrations began and the sensation threatened to drive her crazy and she moaned softly.

‘Feels good doesn’t it?’

‘Open your eyes Lysette, I want to show you something,’ he said softly.

She opened her eyes to see another enormous vibrator with what looked like little rubber spikes all around it.

‘I just wanted you to see what is going into your dripping cunt, you will love it and the little spikes reach into everywhere. Then one of the pegs will clamp onto your clitoris while I bite and chew on the end. Woman, you won’t stand a chance,’ he said gleefully.

She moaned loudly at the thought of it. ‘Bastard,’ she whispered softly.

She was so close - the vibrator buzzed softly in her arse and the pain from the pegs on her nipples felt so good and she almost held her breath with anticipation as he pushed the evil looking spiky vibe hard into her slick sex. Once he had pushed it into her he twisted it roughly, it felt so good, she embraced the pain and the sting of pleasure, and it was such sweet, sweet, torture.

‘So would you like me to turn on the vibrator, Lysette? Do you want to feel the buzz in your pussy now? I can increase the strength of vibrations running through your arse too. Mmm, would you like that,’ he teased. ‘Will you be able to take it without coming?’

‘Answer me Lysette,’ he said, holding the end of each vibe and forcing both vibes harder and firmer into her.

‘Oh hell yes,’ she whispered ‘yes, I want to feel it.’

‘I thought you might say that,’ he said, and laughed as he turned up the levels on the spiky machine.

The sensations where almost overwhelming as he turned up the vibrations on both vibrators then she felt his fingers on her clit which was now so very sensitive. She cried out as he touched her. ‘Shhh – very sensitive aren’t you?’ he said. ‘Let’s just push you a little further, oh yes, beautiful and so very wet.’

He snapped a peg onto her tender clit and took the very end into his mouth and nipped and sucked on it. It was more than she could take; the mix of pain and pleasure was such an erotic combination.

Oh fuck, she felt the climax wash over her again and again.

Jack was delighted.

He waited and then stopped. ‘Did you just cum you little slut?’ he said, pretending to be angry. ’I didn’t give you permission to cum, did I? He knelt up between her legs and grabbed her arse and brought his hand down sharply on first one then the other buttock. This just accentuated the feeling of each of the vibrators. He slapped her again and again. Now she was completely lost in the mix of it all, she knew she would cum again soon.

Jack was sure of it.

He released her wrists and ankles, turned her over and pushed her down hard onto the bed, intentionally pushing the anal vibrator even further into her. He grabbed at the spiky pussy vibrator and thrust it in and out of her roughly - oh God she loved it. Who knew that pain could be so pleasurable, being treated like a complete whore could be so fucking marvellous, she didn’t want it to stop.

‘Look at me, ‘he demanded ‘tell me what you want.’

‘I want to cum.’

‘No, not that, what else do you want?’

‘Want to kiss,’

‘No, not that, what else do you want?’

‘Your mouth on my clit, bite me.’

‘That’s better slut,’ he replied, ‘I thought that would be what you wanted, anything else?’

‘Pegs, I like the pegs.’

‘Mmm, you are a quick learner, I’m sure we can get a few more pegs on that big clit of yours, make it really stand up ready to be bitten and chewed,’ he said chuckling.

He loved this; it was so hot controlling a woman this way, watching her squirm, making her wait for her pleasure, knowing that she loved taking his smacks and slaps as much as he loved to administer them. He knew that Lysette loved it and that she was a natural and so sexy, definitely a keeper and he already looked forward to watching her with a few other men fingering her and fucking her.

He threw a handful of pegs down on the bed and proceeded to slowly pinch her clitoris, squeezing her sensitive skin in between his fingers as he applied the pegs. Eventually he had four pegs clamped onto her hard swollen clit and the end of the little nub was now standing proud.

Jack loved teasing her and although he was still fully dressed it was easy to see the big erection straining in his trousers as he leaned down and began to chew roughly on the tip of her clit, pulling it into his mouth with little tiny bites. Her body was on fire - she had never felt so exhilarated, so turned on, or so aroused.

‘Oh God, oh fuck,’ she said. She couldn’t help herself and again she climaxed.

‘I’m going to go back to those lovely tits, but don’t think I don’t know that you have cum twice without my permission and that will need to be punished, and that means the bench. Let’s get these tools out of you for the moment.’

He slowly removed the vibrators, and then slowly he removed each peg. For Lysette it was bliss and torture both at the same time.

He took her into the bathroom and soaped her gently as she stood under the jets of hot water in the shower, then he gently dried her and put her into his bed and she drifted straight off to sleep.

Whilst it felt like ten minutes, it was in fact more than an hour later that Jack woke her up with a cup of coffee and something to eat.

‘So my lovely Lysette, tell me what you think so far?’ he asked. ‘Will you come back again or will you run away? I know you wanted to experience submission and we haven’t done much yet, but has this been enough for you, or would you like more?’

‘What sort of more?’ she asked, desperate to know what he had in mind.

‘I’m afraid that is for me to know and for you to just do as you are told,’ he said, grinning.

But he said, softening a little, ‘If it helps you to decide, I have two Arab business associates and they will be here next week and I would like to show them a very good time. As a special gift, it would please me to give them your body for an evening to use as they wanted.’

‘Would you be there too,’ she asked, ‘and what about the men in the lift?’

‘Of course,’ he replied, ‘I’d love to see them using all your lovely holes, and I wouldn’t miss it. If you still want to please me, you will say yes.’

But first, I want you to go home and think about all this. You’ve experienced my world a little and you’ve had the first lesson, now we both have some things to think about. I need to think carefully about you and what we have done here today as well as how you have performed and then decide if you are right for me and what I want from my submissive. I want you to think things through as well and then tell me if you want to come back for more lessons.




Over the next few days Lysette found it increasingly difficult to concentrate at work; she constantly drifted back to Jack, what he did, how it felt and what he might do next time – her imagination was off the damned scale. Her mind flashed back to what had happened last time; the vibrators, his fingers, the incredible orgasms she had experienced. She had never felt anything remotely close to the power of those climaxes, and arousal washed over her again as she relived it all.

But Jack hadn’t called her. She expected him to call her, really hoped he would call her but then she suddenly realised that she would have to be the one that contacted him.

Lysette began to feel concerned. What if she wasn’t what he was looking for, what if she had left it too long and he had already found someone better?

Lysette sent Jack a message telling him that she had thought everything through and really wanted to see him again. She hoped that he felt the same and was willing to give her another lesson.

Jack had loved their time together. Lysette was the right amount of feisty coupled with the right amount of anxious. She was brave too; there really was something so hot about a sexually brave women, willing to explore her sexuality.

Jack made her wait, but eventually, late the next day, he contacted her and they spoke on the telephone.

‘So Lysette, you’d like to meet again and you’re ready for your next lesson, is that correct?’ he asked.

‘Yes,’ she said, ‘I want to please you, I’ve been thinking about it.’

‘Good girl,’ He told her when and where he wanted to meet her and once again he told her what to wear.

‘Something with a very deep V neck to almost expose your nipples’ he said, ‘and a long skirt with a side slit and of course high heels and hold up stockings. Can you arrange that?’

‘Oh yes, I’m sure that I can.’ She replied, her mind already visualising the clothes in her wardrobe that might be suitable.



Chapter Five



She was so good to look at. Tall elegant and very sexy too. She walked with a sort of sway that accentuated her curvaceous shape and got heads turning. Just what Jack liked to see; everyone wanting her, but she would belong to him.


Just like last time, they met in the champagne bar, and again Jack was friendly and attentive. This time as they talked, he stroked her thigh, moving her skirt up her leg slightly. He asked Lysette what she had thought about after she left him last time and she told him that she had thought about the bench.

‘That is good, very good,’ he said. ‘I think it’s time to go.’

And like before, they walked along to the hotel through reception and took the lift up to the tenth floor. They met no one in the lift this time and the moment they were through the door of his suite, he spun her around, pushing her up against the door and kissed her passionately, his hands wandering over her body.

‘Take your clothes off,’ he said pulling away, and she slowly began to strip off her clothes as he stood back watching. When she was completely naked he grabbed her and pulled her over to the padded bench in front of the window and instructed her to bend over it and spread her legs. She felt a rush inside her pussy as she thought of what was coming. Would it be just a show or would she experience some of his friends - she quivered with anticipation.

‘You are very exposed, Lysette,’ Jack said looking at her naked body. ‘You know that anyone looking will be able to see your arse and your pussy, now getting rather wet I suspect, and he pushed a finger into her – mm as I thought. Does that excite you? I think that you like the idea of showing your body to strangers, don’t you?’ It certainly pleases me that you like it and your performance will be so much better if you like it.’

‘So would you like me to open the curtains or shall I invite some friends around, maybe the men from the lift, remember them?’ he asked, ‘they really liked you?’ She felt thrilled but rather amazed that he was giving her a choice. Then she realised that he wasn’t giving her a choice, it was another test.

‘So what would you like Lysette?’ he asked, ‘think carefully and then tell me.’

She wondered fleetingly what would please him most, but she knew the answer.

‘Both,’ she said, ‘I would like both.’

‘Oh yes, excellent my little slut, of course both. I’m very pleased with your decision, but first I’m going to let you suck and lick my cock because it’s been hard for you for a while now. I’m not going to cum because I want to enjoy things properly later. I just want some attention so come over here and get down on your knees and let’s see what you can do,’

She unzipped his trousers and pulled down his black boxers and his erection sprang free. Lysette licked her full lips and took him into her mouth. Slowly she hollowed her cheeks and sucked him hard into her mouth as her hands reached around to squeeze his balls. She slowly licked around the bell end of his big, thick cock, paying very special attention to the very end, playing over it with her tongue. She grabbed the base and began to work it up and down in perfect time to the motions of her sucking mouth.

Jack growled but she was relentless and sucked and licked his hard shaft, pumping its length from base to tip. ‘Oh fuck you are too good at this,’ he said, ‘you’d better stop now or you’ll make me cum.’

He pulled her up to standing and stuffed his big cock back into his boxers and zipped up his trousers. ‘Where were we,’ he said. ‘Oh yes, you need to bend over the bench again, spread your legs nice and wide.’

She did as she was told, and arousal spiked through her as he opened the curtains and she knew that she would be exposed to anyone who happened to be looking.

The neighbours were quite used to Jack’s ‘displays’ and the hotel, aware of his needs and of course mindful of the fact that he was a very wealthy, regular guest, ensured that only other appropriate guests had the rooms opposite. In fact, management were increasingly aware that a number of rooms were let on a regular basis where the occupants specifically requested a particular room, coincidently those with a view of the windows in Jack’s suite.

So today, as Jack opened the curtains, he smiled to himself as he saw the two men from the lift and another single man standing in their respective windows, waiting.

He picked up the house phone and dialled a number putting on the speaker so Lysette could hear the exchange.

‘Hi, this is Jack, you may recall my friend and I saw you in the lift recently? Anyway Lysette and I wondered if you would like to join us,’ Jack asked. ‘Lysette is new in town and she’s very anxious to meet new people - perhaps you might bring some champagne.’

‘Oh, we would love to,’ a man replied, ‘do you think that she might like to meet Jimmy too; he is in the room next to ours. I think he has seen one of your shows before but I’m sure he would love to actually meet Lysette.’

‘The thing is, she is a little shy and so I think that two new people at once is all she will manage to start with, so will Jimmy take the place of one of you?’ Jack asked, knowingly teasing the man.

‘No, no definitely not, the man quickly replied. ‘Having seen Lysette in the lift we most definitely want to make her acquaintance in person.’

‘Okay, why don’t you two come over to begin with and we’ll see how it goes.’ Jack continued.

Freddy and Paul had been friends for a long time. Both single, the men did lots of things together and were often to be found talking about sex in some way. They liked to go out to clubs and bars and to make new friends wherever they could. They had discovered Jack and his ‘playmates’ quite by chance as they got talking in the champagne bar one evening. Eventually the three men had talked about sex and how much they all loved women. Jack quite candidly explained that he enjoyed a Dominant /submissive relationship with the women he knew and admitted that he liked to show those women off to his friends.

On hearing that, Freddy and Paul were understandably even more keen to become Friends with Jack. Paul asked what they needed to do to be included in his list of friends and Jack just laughed out loud. ‘Don’t worry, I think we are already friends enough for me to include you.’ Then Jack had advised them to book a room in the hotel opposite even suggesting a room number for the next evening. The rest is history.


Within five minutes there was a light tap on the door and the two men that they had met in the lift arrived. Lysette was still prone over the bench, her backside in the air, which meant her anus and pussy were both fully exposed.

As she heard them talking her arousal spiked further.

‘Well here she is,’ Jack said. ‘Say hello to Freddy and Paul, Lysette, they wanted to meet you.

Jack said it so matter of factly and both men came to stand behind her, ogling her exposed body.

‘Oh my,’ one of them said, ‘that really is an exhilarating sight Jack, definitely one of your better ones and so very much better close up like this.’

‘Yes, I agree,’ the other man said. ‘Can I see if she is wet? One of them said.

‘Oh please do,’ Jack replied.

She felt a cold finger push into her pussy. ‘Oh my goodness,’ he said, ‘she is dripping, have a feel Freddy.’

Freddy pushed a single finger into her saying, ‘I think she needs something much bigger in that super wet hole,’ stoking the outline of his hard cock through his trousers.

‘It’s a bit soon for that gentleman don’t you think,’ Jack said.

‘Yes of course,’ Paul said,’ and what a lovely arse. I’d love to have little lick of that Jack, if it’s okay with you.’

‘Oh yes, I’m just watching today,’ Jack replied. Please do just what you like ‘I’m keen to see what she can take and how well she performs and you two are always such a good test, so just do exactly what you want. I’ve put my box of tricks just there,’ he said, pointing at a box of vibrators and other sex toys, ‘and you are welcome to use my flogger if the fancy takes you. She has assured me that she loves it all the rougher and harder the better. Isn’t that right Lysette?’ Jack asked.

‘Yes that’s right Jack,’ Lysette replied.

‘Good girl,’ and the men smiled broadly.

‘You’ve got her well trained,’ Freddy said.

Freddy rummaged through the box and pulled out a butt plug. ‘God, look at the size of that,’ he said - and he walked around to the other side of the bench to tease Lysette showing her the plug. ‘Look Lysette, I bet you would like me to smear on some lubricant and then ram this beauty into your arse nice and hard, wouldn’t you?’ he asked.

‘Answer Freddy,’ Jack said, with a slight edge in his voice ‘Lysette, be a good girl for Jack.’

‘Yes, yes I would,’ she said.

’Good girl,’ Freddy said, ‘I shall look forward to that. But I’ve just noticed those glorious tits. Come, Paul look at these tits, they are just crying out to be sucked.’

Paul moved around the bench and grabbed a nipple and squeezed it hard and Lysette cried out, ‘Oh yes, they are made for biting,’ he said.

‘Gentlemen, gentlemen,’ Jack said, ‘think of Jimmy waiting for the show, you can suck and chew her tits once you’ve decided just what to do with the two holes on display.

‘Yes, quite right,’ said Freddy. ‘Let's share some licking first.’ They pulled out two stools, one a little taller than the other and made especially to complement the bench. Freddy sat on the shorter stool, moved up tight to her pussy and rammed in two fingers followed by his tongue whilst Paul, taking the taller stall, licked gently around her arse, pushing his tongue into her. She couldn’t help but let out a moan. ‘Mmm,’ she said, and Jack smiled. He realised that he should have had the other guy come over and he could have watched him licking her tits whilst all this was going on.

Jack just stood back watching. He forced himself to resist the temptation to join in.

After a short while, Paul announced that it was time to try the big butt plug.

‘Got anything even larger for her wet pussy, something that vibrates too maybe,’ Freddy asked and Lysette audibly moaned,‘ I’m guessing she likes that too, would you like that Lysette?

‘Say please now,’ Jack said.

‘Yes please,’ Lysette said. Oh fuck, she could hardly wait. She wished that Jack had invited the other man so he could have pinched and sucked on her tits too.

What had happened to her, she wondered, she could hardly believe that she loved this so much - she felt so damned aroused. She loved the feeling of all the attention and she loved that Jack was watching the men touching her body and telling her what to do.


Chapter Six



Jack had already realised that he should have had the other guy come over so that he could have watched him licking her tits whilst the other men stroked, fingered and licked her two very wet holes. The thought of watching a wet tongue slobbering over Lysette’s big breasts was very horny and he knew he could easily make it happen.

Decision made, Jack moved over to the telephone and punched in a couple of numbers. ‘Ah Jimmy is it? Jack asked. ‘It’s Jack here from across the way. I understand that you would like to meet Lysette, is that right?’ Jack paused for an answer. ‘Oh yes, good. Why don’t you come over? Yes now.’

As he went back into the main room, Jack had to resist the temptation to join in but for now he just stood back watching.

‘You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve invited your friend Jimmy over,’ Jack announced to everyone.

‘The more the merrier,’ Paul said. ‘I hear that Jimmy is rather large so it will be great to watch him pounding Lysette’s arse, when we’ve had our fill of course,’ he said laughing. Paul wondered if this woman could take any more but loved the thought of watching someone else fingering her and licking her too.

James T Webster or Jimmy as he was known to his friends was a big man. He was a security guard and part time barman at a very busy London club. He had met Freddy and Paul a few months earlier and the three men had got along well right from the start. Jimmy knew all the best night spots in London, often knowing the staff at other clubs and so the three men easily got in to these clubs and usually for free. So when Freddy and Paul told him about Jack and his sessions, Jimmy was very keen to try to get involved. They had told him about their encounter with Jack and Lysette in the lift. Freddy and Paul advised Jimmy to book a room and bring a bottle of champagne as he might get the chance to see more of the lovely curvy Lysette.


‘So Lysette, a third man is coming over to enjoy your marvellous body. I think that you could take a whole army of men if I told you to, couldn’t you? You’d like that wouldn’t you,’ Jack asked, ‘a line of men waiting to touch and fuck you?’

‘Hell yes,’ Lysette replied and they all chuckled, their imaginations working overtime.

‘Maybe that’s something that can be arranged then, but you must concentrate now on putting on a good performance today,’ Jack went on, ‘push your arse up in the air a bit further.’ Lysette did as she was told.

‘That’s it. ‘I’m sure there is quite an audience out there, all desperate to see your lovely wet cunt glistening.’

She loved being stretched out over the bench and completely on show, her backside stuck in the air with her legs so wide apart making her soaking wet pussy clearly visible for anyone to see. She really didn’t know why it felt so good, just that it did!

Jack was right, there were various eyes watching from behind curtains, some even had binoculars trained on Lysette’s body.


Jack had already realised that he should have had the other guy come over so that he could have watched him licking her tits whilst the other men stroked, fingered and licked her two very wet holes. The thought of watching a wet tongue slobbering over Lysette’s big breasts was a horny one.

Decision made, Jack moved over to the telephone and punched in a couple of numbers. ‘Ah Jimmy is it? Jack asked. ‘It’s Jack here from across the way. I understand that you would like to meet Lysette, is that right?’ Jack paused for an answer. ‘Oh yes, good. Why don’t you come over? Yes now.’

As he went back into the main room, Jack had to resist the temptation to join in but for now he just stood back watching.

‘You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve invited your friend Jimmy over,’ Jack announced to everyone.

‘The more the merrier,’ Paul said. ‘I hear that Jimmy is rather large so it will be great to watch him pounding Lysette’s arse, when we’ve had our fill of course,’ he said laughing. Paul wondered if this woman could take any more but loved the thought of watching someone else fingering her and licking her too.

‘So Lysette, a third man is coming over to enjoy your marvellous body. I think that you could take a whole army of men if I told you to, couldn’t you? You’d like that wouldn’t you,’ Jack asked, ‘a line of men waiting to touch and fuck you?’

‘Hell yes,’ Lysette replied and they all chuckled, their imaginations working overtime.

‘Maybe that’s something that can be arranged then, but you must concentrate now on putting on a good performance today,’ Jack went on, mindful of the hidden cameras humming silently in the background. ‘Push your arse up in the air a bit further.’ Lysette did as she was told.

‘That’s it. ‘I’m sure there is quite an audience out there, all desperate to see your lovely wet cunt glistening.’

She loved being stretched out over the bench and completely on show, her backside stuck in the air with her legs so wide apart making her soaking wet pussy clearly visible for anyone to see.

Jack was right, there were various eyes watching from behind curtains, some even had binoculars trained on Lysette’s body.

There was a light tap on the door and the new man arrived and shook hands with Jack.

‘Come on in and meet Lysette.’ Jack walked towards the bedroom. ‘You’ve come at a very good time, Freddy and Paul are already getting to know Lysette and I understand from them that you want to get involved too?’

‘Oh yes,’ said Jimmy, ‘she looks absolutely splendid from a distance, she looks like she is having a good time, but I must admit I’d love to see her close up. The only thing that isn’t clear at all is her breasts. I like big breasts so I’m looking forward to seeing them. My imagination tells me that she is dripping wet and desperate to be fucked and sucked.’

As they walked into the room Jack was delighted with the sight in front of him: both Freddy and Paul were now completely naked, each of them pushing a vibrator into Lysette, working both holes hard whilst their other hand pumped at their own cocks. Lysette’s enormous tits bumped up and down with the motion and her long nipples rock hard in arousal as she moaned loudly with pleasure. Jack was very tempted to stuff his big cock into her mouth to quieten her down, but his desire to watch the show was an even bigger temptation.

‘Holy hell,’ Jimmy breathed, ‘just look at that, that looks marvellous and those tits... I hope that she likes to have her nipples chewed and sucked - I mean a lot.’ His tongue came out and flicked over his lips.

‘As you can see you are in luck my friend,’ Jack said, ‘Lysette has very big tits and super long nipples and so I suggest that you get started. You have my express permission to do whatever you want to her, she loves it all. There‘s a box of toys if you want to use any.’

‘I’m very happy to use my tongue and fingers for the moment,’ Jimmy said, his eyes wide in surprise, ‘but thanks for letting me join in.’

‘You are welcome’, Jack said, ‘I’m just going to watch for now, oh and yes she likes her nipples chewed and bitten, same as her clit actually, but one thing at a time.’

The new man walked over to Lysette, at first transfixed by the sight of the huge vibrators that the two men were pushing in and out of her big wet holes. She clearly loved it as both were slick and running with her juices - he stood watching for a moment.

Happy that soon he would have his fingers thoroughly exploring her lovely holes, his cock twitched in his trousers at the prospect. Soon he moved around and got down on his knees in front of her.

‘Hello,’ he said, ‘you must be Lysette. Are you enjoying yourself?’ Lysette didn’t respond.

‘Lysette, you must answer Jimmy,’ Jack said from his large armchair. ‘I can easily make this stop if you don’t behave yourself.’

Lysette didn’t want it to stop.

‘Oh yes, I love it,’ Lysette replied quickly.

‘I’m Jimmy. You have magnificent tits, do you know that? And I am going to spend a little time playing with them,’ he said as he fondled and pinched her breasts.

They are lovely and big, and it seems to me that they need a jolly good sucking. I’d like to really suck, bite and chew those lovely long nipples – would you like that Lysette? I’d like to bite the very ends first; I think you are going to like that.

‘Oh yes,’ she moaned, ‘please, that sounds marvellous.’

But I will want to push my fingers and my tongue all around that beautiful wet pussy too.’

Lysette just groaned her approval.

Jimmy took first one then the other nipple into his mouth, biting the very top of each in turn – it was exquisite. Then he squeezed her tits together so that his big wet tongue could lick and lap across her nipples, like a big dog licking and slobbering over someone’s hand. Occasionally he would stop and bite and nibble for a few moments and then get back to lapping across both tits, which he still squeezed together so that her nipples stood right out.

It was all going a bit slowly for Jack who called out to Paul to speed up the pace.

‘I think Lysette likes it much harder than that and she needs someone to suck on her clitty - we want her to come and come, don’t we, boys?’ he asked.

Jimmy sucked and chewed on her long nipples – first one then the other and then back to the first. The vibrators where thumping into her easily sliding in and out, her arse was right up in the air and she was taking each one of the thick spiky vibrators with such pleasure she never wanted it to stop. The audience outside didn’t want it to stop either.

It was too much, she tried to hold it, she really did, but the vibrators were moving faster now and somehow Jimmy had reached under the bench and found Lysette’s gaping pussy and was flicking at her clit with his big fingers whilst still slurping on her tits – it was absolute heaven, the mix and oh - she exploded in a ball of fire and fell into the biggest most incredible climax of her life crying out, ‘Oh my god, oh my god.’

It was the signal for Freddy and Paul who both began to climax. Jimmy stood up, unzipped his pants and came around behind her and pulled the vibrator from her pussy, pushed it back in hard, now working both vibrators with his own strong hands, watching her with obvious delight.

‘Oh bloody hell Lysette, you are gorgeous, I will fuck that gorgeous arse, but first I’ll have that beautiful wet cunt. He pulled out the vibrator and replaced it with his enormous cock, pushing straight into her gaping wet pussy, pumping and grinding into her as he grabbed the anal vibrator and pushed that deeper into her, twisting and turning it and he fucked her relentlessly. ‘Do you like that Baby, do you like Jimmy’s big hard cock? Oh but wait, I’ve got to taste that lovely looking pussy of yours - Jack tells me that you like that to be really chewed and bitten too, which is great because it’s just what I like to do.’ He pulled himself out of her and knelt up on his haunches and thrust his fingers and tongue straight into her wet hole - and finding her hard clit he pulled on it and squeezed it hard in between his fingers pulling it into his waiting mouth. ‘You are so wet it’s marvellous’.

Freddy and Paul moved in closer to watch Jimmy sucking and licking her.

Then Jimmy began to chew and suck the little nub on it, first slurping then biting, slurping and moaning while still pushing the big vibrator slowly in and out of her arse - she came again, it was all heaven.

‘You really do love this don’t you?’ Jimmy asked her.

‘I don’t know what to do first, lick those gorgeous big tits, bite and suck on your cunt, which is by the way dripping wet, but I absolutely must fuck that arse of yours’. He looked around at the other guys who were full of encouragement.

‘That alright with you Jack,’ he asked, ‘I mean, if I fuck her arse I just know she gonna love it.’

‘She will definitely love it but let’s really get her ready shall we. She likes all these clamps and pegs too,’ Jack said, holding up a selection of pegs and clamps.

‘I’m sure you can get several of these on her nipples and a few on that hard clit and then the spiky vibe can be stuffed in her wonderful wet pussy – what do you say gentleman – does that sound like a great finale? They all chorused their approval. Then and he handed each man about five pegs each and they went to work. Lysette’s was in heaven – and what a horny sight she made, pegs dangling from each nipple, pegs attached very firmly to her hard clit, the spiky vibe pushed into her wet pussy.

‘OK, Paul and Freddy grab her arse and spread it wide for Jimmy’s big cock. That’s it and I’ll drop some lube into it to make it extra juicy.’ Lysette flinched as the cold lube hit her skin and all the men chuckled. Now Jimmy pushed his very hard cock slowly into her puckered hole inch by glorious inch until his balls were touching her skin and the massive cock was slowly moving in her arse.

Freddy and Paul, still holding her cheeks open stroked their hands over her arse transfixed by the big cock, sliding back and forth in the now very wet hole.

Freddy, moved and knelt under Jimmy, he took all the pegs away from Lysette’s clit and gentle sucked it in his mouth.

Jack sat on the side lines, what a fucking sight it was, so damned horny, it was erotic in every possible way. He wondered about a cock in her mouth - maybe next time.



Chapter Seven



Living the lifestyle meant that it was frequently on her mind. The Dominant submissive relationship that she had with Jack worked so well for her, even though sometimes, she found herself drifting of at work.

 When they were together, Jack was caring and attentive always complimenting her o the way she looked or the way she did thing. Jack seemed keen to ensure that she always enjoyed everything that they did. Lysette loved every session that they had and enjoyed the flashbacks that came thick and fast when she allowed herself to think about things. Although she blushed at the sheer sluttyness of allowing 3 men to touch her and fuck her in every which-way they wanted while Jack looked on full of encouragement.


Lysette was excited about meeting the two foreign business men that Jack had mentioned and wondered how things would.

He told her to wear a tight skirt, a very low cut top with a black cupless basque underneath, hold up stockings and very high heels.

‘I’ve told them about your tits and they are gagging for you,’ he said, ‘which pleases me immensely. I’m mostly going to watch you perform so just let them do anything they want. I’m sure you will love it and if they love it, I may get some extra business from them.’ Jack was surprised to find that he felt a little excited too. When he called to pick her up, he thought that Lysette looked stunning. She wore a short tight black lace dress that buttoned up the front with a deep sexy V which showed off her cleavage to perfection.

‘Wow, ‘Jack said, ‘you do look sexy, I’m sure they will love you.’ She smiled and thanked him.

When they reached the hotel suite, Akbar opened the door and after introductions, invited them to sit in the sumptuous seating area, his eyes never leaving her cleavage.

‘What can I get you to drink?’ Akeem, the second man asked,

’I’d love a glass of white wine and soda if possible,’ Lysette said.

‘I’ll just have a can of beer if you have one,’ Jack asked.

‘Oh yes, we have everything here,’ he smiled and went to the bar where Akbar organised the drinks.

‘So Lysette,’ Akeem said, handing her the drink. Jack has told us all about you and I see that he didn’t exaggerate ‘Do you like to perform to please Jack?’

‘Oh yes I do,’ she said.

‘How’s the wine and soda?’ he asked, urging her to taste it. ‘Does it taste good?’

‘Yes thank you,’ she said, taking a gulp to calm her nerves.

‘Would you like some champagne my dear,’ he said smiling broadly.

‘Oh yes please,’ she said.

‘It’s important to us that you like to perform and that you are comfortable here. Women like you are very rare in our country so we feel lucky to be friends with Jack.

‘Excuse my English,’ he said, ‘I mean that people in my country like women that are as beautiful as you. Stand up Lysette and let us look at you,’ Akeem said.

Akbar came across the room.

‘Jack, you may wish to move to that chair that so that you can have a better view,’ Akeem said.

Akeem began to unfasten the buttons on her dress and when her dress was completely open the men were surprised at the cup less basque that held her breasts up high and they began to pinch and squeeze her already hard nipples.

‘Oh yes,’ he said, ‘Lysette, oh so lovely.’ He bent his head down and started to suck on one breast while still squeezing and pinching the other.

Jack happily watched as they stripped her naked and both Arab men fondled and sucked her nipples, whilst pushing fingers into her pussy and stroking and touching her everywhere.

‘Are you happy my dear,’ Akeem said to Lysette, ‘do you like to be touched by many hands and mouths?’

‘Oh yes I do,’ she replied.

Jack thought that it was just like watching a porn film, so fucking horny. ‘She loves it,’ he said, ‘and the rougher the better, isn’t that right Lysette?’

‘Oh yes I love it,’ she said, and it was true. She had become so engrossed in this type of sex where her body was just used and her back side flogged she couldn’t get enough of it.

‘That is good to hear,’ Akeem said, ‘let’s get her up on the table.

’Go and sit on the edge of the table my dear,’ Akeem told her.

A round padded wooden table sat on one side of the large room and the two men lifted her legs and turned her, moving her face down on the table top. It was hard and not very comfortable, but she didn’t care.

‘These are the best sex tables that we have ever found,’ Akeem said to Jack ‘especially when you have a willing woman. These tables just make sure that all the best bits of a woman’s body can be fully exposed and easy to get to as well as easy to share.’

 ‘Come over and watch,’ he said to Jack, ‘you will enjoy it I’m sure.’

Akbar now stroked his hands over her backside and spread her legs wide.

Next he gathered up two firm cushions from the seating area, lifted her legs and pushed the cushions under her so that her backside was in the air and her pussy and anus were fully exposed and her large breasts were hanging off the other side of the table.

Jack thought it really was an appealing sight and he felt his cock tingle, deciding that the time had come to take more from Lysette for himself.

Akeem sucked on his index finger and pushed it slowly into her pussy, Lysette moaned, encouraging them to feel more.

‘Lovely and tight but already wet,’ he said. ‘We’ll soon make her very wet, won’t we Akbar?’ and the men smiled at each other.

‘Come try for yourself,’ he said to Akbar.

Akbar pushed in first one finger then another whilst Akeem licked his finger again and pushed it into her anus. Both men moved together their fingers moving slowly in and out of her. She groaned loudly now and she looked up and saw Jack grinning – she loved pleasing him, he was always very appreciative.

‘She is beautifully wet now and ready to feast on,’ Akeem said, as he pulled up a stool and leaning forward, began to suck and lick her pussy, biting her clit and pushing two fingers into her at the same time.

‘You can suck her big titties,’ he said to Akbar,

Akbah’s face lit up as he went to the other side of the table and he pulled up a stool and dragged a breast into his mouth. He began to bite and chew on Lysette’s large breasts, trying to squeeze both nipples into his mouth at the same time, but they were too big. He slapped the breasts gently a few times and then went back to biting and chewing on the now rock hard nipples, making them longer and harder.

‘She loves her nipples chewed, don’t you Lysette,’ Jack said.

‘Mmm,’ she moaned with obvious pleasure.

‘Why don’t you have one each?’ she’ll love that and I’d love to watch you biting her.’

Akeem said, ‘Yes, we must get to that soon.’

‘Ok Akbar, that’s enough, let’s spin,’ Akeem said.

They both stopped and Akbar spun the table gently until Lysette’s lovely tits were in front of Akeem whilst her shiny wet pussy and arse were exposed to Akbar.

Akbar pushed his mouth down on her pussy, loudly slurping at her wetness and fingering her glistening arse at the same time. Next he raised his head and grinning like a kid in a sweet shop, he started biting her arse with small little bites as first two then three of his chubby fingers pushed in and out of wet pussy.

Lysette, moaned and writhed, trying desperately not to cum.

‘Do we have anything to push in her arse - like big anal plug or vibrator? That would feel good, I’d like to see what that is like,’ Akbar said. Then he turned to Jack and said, ‘With your kind permission of course.’

‘Yes I’ve brought a couple of vibrators with me,’ Jack said. ‘If you would like to try those or if you have something of your own, please be my guest,’ he said.

Jack pulled a very thick vibrating butt plug from a small bag and holding up the wicked spiky vibe he said, ‘This is Lysette’s favourite,’ and the men looked up. ‘She loves the spikes pushed hard inside her pussy while she is being sucked – believe me it drives her wild.’

‘We love to drive the ladies wild, don’t we?’ Akbar said grinning.

The two men smiled broadly. ‘And what about the other one, the plug does she like that too,’ Akeem asked.

‘It’s new, a bit bigger than she is used to but I can assure you she will love it just the same,’ Jack said, smiling wickedly.

‘Can we do both at the same time?’ Akbar asked.

Lysette whimpered and the men all laughed. Jack grinned as he said, ‘Oh yes, that’s the best way, here is some lube.’

They dripped the lube all over her backside and then it didn’t take long for the thick rubber plug to be rammed hard into her arse by Akeem while the spiky vibe was pushed roughly into her cunt by Akbar – and both men seem to relish driving each vibrator into her welcoming holes. Lysette found it difficult not to cum. All she wanted now was a mouth on her tits or her clit or both and she knew that she would be in heaven. It was exquisite and she moaned and growled. Akeem bent his head and took her clit into his mouth and sucked and nibbled – it was too much, she climaxed crying out.

Jack watched - Holy Fuck it was a horny sight, he was so hard he needed the lovely Lysette to suck him off, but forced himself to wait, hoping to be invited to join in.

Akbar dropped his trousers and a huge hard cock sprang free. He moved the stool away and Jack couldn’t help but notice that the table was exactly the right height as he pulled Lysette’s body forward and into position to take his cock. He pushed his fingers into her, removed the vibrator and smoothed the wetness along his hardness with the drop of pre cum around his solid cock. He then forced his way into her shining wet cunt, pumping and grinding whilst Akeem, sucked and chewed her nipples greedily at the other end of the table. Then it was Akeem's turn to fuck her and so the men swapped around and did it all again. Lysette was fucked and sucked, bitten and chewed for some time while Jack looked on, delighted at her performance.

‘Well Jack this is a hot and horny thing to see, don’t you think?’ She is a good fuck and those tits are how you say, gorgeous and her pussy and arse are so sweet and tight. You have had her already I presume, many times?’ he asked. ‘Quite right, what are women like this for apart from a good thing for us to enjoy eh?’ he said. ‘So would you like to join in Jack, can she take more?

‘She’ll take more if I tell her to take more,’ Jack said a little curtly.

‘Yes of course,’ Akeem said, ‘I meant no insult.’

 ‘What do you like to do Jack?’

‘I have brought along my flogger and she is into pain mixed with pleasure – so you could bite and nibble on her clit or nipples or both while I’m whipping her - she will love the mixture.

Lysette did love it, Jack was so right.

The foreign men both sat at one end of the table each with a breast in their mouth chewing, licking and sucking on a nipple while Jack swung the leather flogger that he had brought along at the other end of the table creating angry red stripes on her soft backside.

‘Does she do blow jobs Jack’, Akeem asked, stroking his obviously hard erection through his trousers. ’I’ll bet she is very talented with you as her teacher ‘

As if to demonstrate her abilities, Jack stopped flogging her dropped his trousers and pulled out his large erect cock and manoeuvred Lysette’s body so that she could easily take him into her mouth. - and she did. Sucking in her cheeks to gain a tight rhythm as her mouth and tongue moved over his shaft.

 ‘Oh hell yes,’ said Jack ‘she is good at sucking cock and the best thing is that she loves it.’

Both Akeem and Akbar stripped of their clothes and for a moment they simply watched as Jack’s cock slipped in and out of Lysette’s mouth. Then, Akeem pushed his hard cock into her gaping pussy, whilst Akbar stood on the side lines pumping his own cock. Jack motioned to him to swap places and soon Lysette had another huge cock thrust into her eager mouth.


When the men were all satisfied, Akbar and Akeem thanked her and thanked Jack for a splendid evening.

‘You have a lovely woman there,’ Akeem said, ‘to find someone so lovely that wants to please and do exactly what you ask of her is a rare thing - you are a lucky man. I’m certain Jack that we will meet again soon, we have some business to discuss and your incredible hospitality this evening has certainly helped us to make some important business decisions, so thank you again.’

‘Yes, Lysette is very special, I know that I am a lucky man and you have been most welcome. I’ll hear from you when you are ready,’ Jack said as they left.

‘I’m very pleased with you Lysette, you did very well. Sometime in the not too distant future it will be time for your next lesson,’ he said smiling.

Lysette had begun to really want to please Jack so she was delighted at his praise, but for now she felt very tired, but sated, although she still wondered what the next lesson might bring.

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