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No Hands


Let's agree on a little game of no hands,’ she said and laughed her tinkling laugh.

‘Sounds intriguing,’ he replied, ‘better tell me what you’ve got in mind.’

‘We can kiss, passionately, fast or slow, deep and raw or sweet and light or all of those variations, but I know that it’s quite likely that whichever way we kiss, I will want to wrap my arms around you and I’m fairly certain that you will want to touch me, but no hands means just that. It might make the passion more intense, and it’s likely to make that heat between us hotter still, don’t you think? So no touching at all with hands, ok?’

‘Erm well...’ he hesitated.

‘... And first person to break the rules loses the privilege for just a little bit longer say a penalty of another 5 or 10 minutes. Deal?’ she asked gleefully, like she knew a secret that he didn’t.

He fleetingly wondered if there was a catch somewhere or if there was something that he had missed, but what the hell, kissing her would be hot even without hands.

‘Sure,’ he said ‘no problem... just get over here so that I can kiss you right now.’

She took a few slow strides over to him and now, with hands clasped behind their backs, they began to slowly kiss. The kisses were soft to begin with but soon developed into something altogether more desperate, his lips pushed firmly on to hers, his tongue pushed into her mouth and hers came out to meet him as the sparks between them began to ignite into a full blown fire.

She found it hard to keep her hands to herself but without a thought to the game and its rules, his hands went up around her, pulling her in close to his body. His mouth left hers making a path down to her neck turning into small wet butterfly kisses and little nips which rained down on her soft skin. His hands now moved down to feel across her breasts then her legs and under her dress to the tops of her stockings and the naked skin just above - so close to the heat of her sex.

She was almost lost... his mouth on her neck continuing to sensuously kiss and lick, creating such electricity, and now the added heat of small exquisite almost gentle bites made it virtually impossible not to react. he knew that any moment his fingers would reach her wetness, and then she would be really lost, he would have her, she quivered at the thought.

But this was her game, and she had to win back control. Summoning all her will she whispered, ‘What happened to no hands.’

His fingers stopped on their path and he quickly brought them back to his sides. Breaking away from kissing her and laughing he said, ‘You knew that I would break first, didn’t you minx. I couldn’t help it. Your skin is so soft, I have to touch you and you smell so good too. I love to see you react when I’m kissing your neck and stroking your body. So a time penalty you say,’ he threw up his hands - ‘just tell me.’

‘Still no hands,’ she instructed, ‘and I really do mean it this time. ok?’

‘Ok no problem. I’ll try harder this time, I promise,’

She looked straight at him and he in turn held her gaze and that thread of desire between them was now almost palpable.

 Without looking away, she reached for his belt and began to undress him. His eyes closed as he imagined what was about to happen and his cock seemed to grow harder.

His shoes and socks had already gone so she removed his belt and pulled down his trousers and boxers and encouraged him to step out of them. She couldn’t help stealing a glance at his rigid cock sticking straight up, needing to be touched.

‘Now sit down in that chair,’ and she pointed to the large leather armchair on one side of the room and he sat down as instructed.

She grabbed a pillow and threw it on the ground and knelt down in front of him, moving in close to his body and stroking her fingers along his lower legs and up to his thighs.

‘I thought it was no hands,’ he whispered.

‘That’s you’, she said, ‘you broke the rules so you will have to wait now, but I’m going to take my time touching you, stroking your legs. You’ll be able to feel the soft pads of my fingers as they trail up to your thighs.’

Her soft hands fluttered over his naked skin with light delicate touches as she continued to talk softly, telling him what she planned to do.

‘As I get closer, you will be desperate to feel my hands gliding over your cock, feeling your silky hardness as you get hotter for my touch,’ she whispered.

His breathing was more ragged now - he could almost feel her gentle touch and he remembered what she could do to him and oh god, he wanted to feel that now.

‘But before that, my mouth will follow my fingers up and across your legs, slowly, gently, kissing and licking a path up your body.’ She looked up at him and their eyes locked for a moment...

And she began to kiss his legs... first one then the other, small wet kisses; followed by long languid licks and her fingers pushed further up to stroke his thighs.

It was so hot, he was so aroused. He could hardly wait for her to touch him. He was so hard - had he ever been so hard? He arched his back, pushing himself forward trying to make contact. He was just about able to maintain control as he almost reached out to pull her in to him.

‘I want to make you ache for me, to ache for a touch of my hand and for my mouth to wrap around your hard cock,’ and she continued to stroke and kiss her way up his legs, getting ever closer to where he wanted her to be.

‘Please,’ he said.

‘I want that now, I’m aching for you now, I can’t stand this any more.

She couldn’t wait any more either. She moved up closer and her long hair feathered out across his body as she began to slowly lick and suck his hard cock, while her hand tightened around the shaft as she pulled and pumped and he moaned and growled with pleasure.


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