Sex Addicts Anonymous

Josephine had things that she wanted to confess. She’d actually began to wonder if she’d somehow become addicted to sex... and if she had, was that a bad thing, or could it actually be a good thing? She had to confide in someone, so she told the one man that she knew wouldn’t judge her. But things don’t always turn out the way you plan. As Josephine recounts her story, sex consultant Michael can’t control his own arousal and his reaction to this intriguing and alluring woman. Novel Erotica, a spicy slice of Erotic Fiction.

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Chapter One



‘Is it Jo, Josie or...’ he asked.

‘No, it’s Josephine,’ she interrupted, ‘I prefer to be called Josephine.’

‘That’s fine, Josephine it is then,’ he replied.

‘So Josephine, can you tell me why you are here at sex addicts anonymous and what you hope to get from our sessions?’

The man asking the questions was Michael Bentley, head of the organisation, and as such he often handled the sessions for new members. He had been CEO for about 5 years and, whilst the work could be quite stressful, he had a good team around him and he enjoyed his work. He’d always been interested in feelings and emotions and studied psychology at university, gaining a first class degree. He had worked at a few different hospitals and practices and initially had decided to specialise in couples’ therapy. He felt, with some irony, that he was supremely qualified to handle the subject as his relationships had all ended acrimoniously. Sex, power and manipulation of one kind or another had been at the core of each failed relationship - sometimes he was a little bitter about the outcomes but, more often than not, perhaps twisted would be a more fitting description.

For all his understanding and all his compassionate words to his ‘clients’ underneath, he was just like them. He had his foibles and he definitely had his kinks, which he revelled in. He attended various fetish clubs - just for research he told himself but really, secretly, he couldn’t get enough of looking at sex, reading about or hearing about sex, and he knew that irony upon irony, he was probably a bit of a sex addict himself.

He just needed to meet a like minded woman. He was certain that she was out there... somewhere. He wanted someone that he was attracted to and who was, of course, attracted to him. He loved a woman’s curves first and foremost and to gain his attention, the right woman would have to be articulate, intelligent, passionate, and very sexual, and if she was an exhibitionist, that would be a bonus. He looked for such a woman at every sex and fetish club that he attended, but he knew that it was a long shot. He had heard it said that the best kind of woman was one that was a nymphomaniac that lived over a pub - the analogy brought a wry smile, but no, the woman for him wouldn’t be that obvious.

Sex Addicts Anonymous 100 or the SAA, as it was fondly known by some, was a successful company. The SAA had a large membership and both members and non-members could arrange for private and / or group consultations and therapy sessions. In itself it was just like a private members club; expensive but very worthwhile and very discreet. Whilst the majority of people who used the services were male, the staff, all experts in their respective fields, was a healthy mixture of males and females.

The staff members worked well together and invariably Michael liaised with all the heads of departments on a fairly regular basis. Today, he had met with one of managers, Cindy, the marketing manager, to talk through some advertising campaigns to try to make their services more accessible and appealing for women and she had said she would work on some ideas with her team.

He’d wondered fleetingly about Cindy. She was always pleasant but seemed to lack any kind of passion and she was just too young for him, too blond and too skinny and he really didn’t do pleasant anymore.

Now, Michael looked over at the woman sitting on the sofa opposite and realised that she wasn’t like most of the members that came in here. For a start, she was female and most of the newbies were men. Often the men were forced to come by their wife or partner who had become sick of them fucking around, although to be fair, some men did self refer and others were referred by a GP. So to a have a woman, an attractive stylish woman that had an air of sophistication about her sitting on his sofa was really quite a novelty.

He had read her application earlier and he was able to glean from her personal statement that she was quite thoughtful and intelligent. There was a grainy passport style photo attached to her membership information which really didn’t do her any favours. Michael thought that she was lovely - tall but still curvy, reddish blonde hair, big eyes, red fingernails and so very sexy looking. So all in all he was looking forward to any revelations that she was prepared to share, probably more than he should have been.

So when she didn’t answer, he asked her again.

‘Can you tell me Josephine, why you are here at sex addicts anonymous and what you hope to get from our sessions?’



Chapter Two



‘Yes sorry,’ she said, ‘I was just thinking and actually I’ve asked myself that and I’m not sure that I know the answers.’

He didn’t say anything so she went on.

‘I suppose the truth is I joined up because I have begun to wonder if I am a sex addict,’ she said, looking at him hoping for some sort of comment or lead on what to do next.

‘And if you were, would that be a bad thing, do you think?’ Michael asked.

‘Well, I suppose it depends,’ she replied.

‘What does it depend on?’

‘Well, I want a life, but I’ve come to realise that I just like sex specifically, group sex and I can’t imagine that most men would just accept that in a relationship and be happy about it, now would they?’

‘Surely it depends on the man,’ Michael said.

He knew without any doubt how he would feel about it, but he knocked those feelings down and continued.

‘Why don’t you start at the beginning, tell me how you discovered that you liked that type of sex and what actually led to it happening.’

‘Well I’m not really sure I can tell you...’and she squirmed in her seat a little awkwardly.

‘Look, a couple things you should know, firstly, you won’t shock me, I’ve heard lots of things within these four walls and what you tell me here will be in the very strictest confidence, Ok? I am a doctor, I don’t judge, I’m a consultant, I’m here to listen and we can talk too if you want to, so just start at the start.’

This is what she had wanted, someone to tell, and someone to talk to about it but talking to one of her friends about it... well that was simply out of the question. Anything but vanilla sex was still taboo in modern day culture and so to talk about her feeling in terms of group sex would just lead to judgements and misconceptions and she simply didn’t have time for that sort of thing.

To her this felt absolutely right, confessing or sharing her story with a therapist was the right thing to do and, of course, he wouldn’t judge - he was a professional.

Josephine Templeton was a strong, confident and successful woman, and finally happy in her own skin after all these years. She owned a small PR company that she had started from scratch some years earlier. She had a great circle of friends and plenty of offers from various men to take her out for dinner and more, probably.

But it just wasn’t enough. A while back she felt that something was off. She couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was; loneliness, frustration, lack of direction? After thinking it through, she realised with a sickening thud that what she was feeling was actually boredom. She wanted excitement, she wanted to be excited - she wanted passion and to feel passionate and more than anything she wanted to be challenged.

Josephine had always been adventurous back in the day. She was happy with taking a chance and delighted with a little risk here and there and a little risqué had always been right up her street too. But with concerns for her future, when she started her business, perhaps understandably, all that risk-taking stopped. She towed the line, everything was a safe bet, no chances, no risk and that attitude had undoubtedly contributed to her business success.

But she had come to realise that it had robbed her of her desire for adventure and excitement and she knew she just had to get it back.

Now here she was, some months on, with excitement off the scale, her concerns for the future had reared their ugly head once more. She wanted someone to tell, absolutely needed someone to talk it through with, and here, with the very attractive Michael Bentley, she was about to spill all the proverbial beans.

‘Start at the start, you say. Erm, well, it all started I suppose when I realised that I’d stopped being adventurous and stopped wanting excitement. I’d put all my energies into my business and having a sensible, organised business head, had somehow stopped my need to take risks. Once my business was working well, I began to realise that I’d lost something and went out of my way to get it back.’

Josephine stopped and looked up at Michael expectantly. He was studying her intently.

‘It’s a wise person that can look at themselves and find gaps and admit that they are lacking in some way. But, of course, that’s the easy part, doing something about it is what really takes the courage. You say you went out of your way to get it back, so what did you do,’ Michael asked.

Michael was completely intrigued by this woman - so unusual. Most of the women he knew were nowhere near as self aware as this lady. He could hardly wait to hear how she got her mojo back.

Chapter Three



Josephine took a deep breath and continued to talk. ‘In case I didn’t say, a large part, no, make that a very large part of excitement for me is sexual excitement and all that goes with that. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had boyfriends, flings and even the odd one night stand but, somehow, none supplied the excitement that I needed.

Anyway, I decided that I would get a massage. The thought of it was so exciting. I suppose I’m probably a little bit of an exhibitionist - all goes with the risk taking thing I suppose, so having a massage by a complete stranger appealed to my sense of both showing off and risk taking.

Anyway, I was intrigued by an advert I found offering massage by a qualified masseur who would arrange to visit you at home. I remember that I was a little apprehensive, I’m all for taking risks but I’m not stupid. I thought about it and I did respond to the ad, but stipulated that I would need to meet at a coffee shop or similar first. So it was agreed and we met in a coffee shop and had a full conversation about nothing in particular. To me, he seemed decent enough and appeared to know what he was talking about. He said that he was certain that it would be best if I went to his studio for the first massage, as there he had his massage table, all his tools, creams and oils immediately to hand. Somehow, this made me feel more comfortable and so I followed my gut and trusted my instincts and I agreed to meet him at his studio the next day and an early evening appointment was arranged.’

Josephine stopped talking and looked up.

‘I can see how you would have felt excited, ’Michael said, wanting to encourage her. ‘Tell me what happened after that.’

‘When I arrived, he showed me into a room which had a long, raised massage table in the centre covered with towels with a pillow one end. Background music played gently and there was a soft glow from a number of candles that were placed on various ledges around the room. A high chest with lots of drawers sat squarely next to the massage table, its surface displaying a few jars and bottles.

We exchanged pleasantries and then he suggested that I take off my clothes and lay front down on the massage table.

‘You can cover your bottom with one of the towels,’ he said as he turned around and busied himself with the oils and jars, perhaps to give me a modicum of privacy. I took a deep breath and then I took the opportunity to undress and lie face down on the table.

It’s really amazing how your senses are heightened when one is effectively taken away and in this situation my imagination began to take over too. With my face in the pillow, I didn’t see but rather heard him turn back around and he poured some kind of sweet smelling oil onto his hands and began to rub them together and then proceeded to stroke and massage firsts my legs and feet then moved on to my shoulders, arms and back. Finally, he whipped off the towel that I had strategically placed and began to stroke and kneed the cheeks of my backside in big wide strokes and moved each of my legs open slightly, reaching his hands around to the tops of my thighs.

‘How’s that,’ he asked?

It felt marvellous and I told him so.

Then he told me to turn over. Again he moved away and busied himself with something else. I hesitated for the briefest of moments, but inevitably, I turned over and lay down on my back, aware that I was now rather exposed.

Josephine abruptly stopped talking. ‘This is very awkward,’ Josephine said, ‘I don’t want to be too explicit.’

‘Don’t worry about that ‘, Michael said, ‘just tell it like it is.’

Michael Bentley had listened intently to the story so far. It was nothing like how men explained their views on how they had become addicted to sex. Josephine definitely had a way with words; she was well spoken and had a soft slightly raspy voice and that combination coupled with the subject matter was beginning to have an effect on him and he began to realise that he was becoming aroused.

 ‘Please go on,’ Michael said, feeling almost desperate to hear what would happen next.

‘ Ok, well, he poured more oil onto his hands and rubbed them together as before and once again he started on my feet and kept to just my lower legs this time before moving up to my shoulders and arms. Then he began to stroke my breasts – slowly up and down, round and round, completely avoiding my nipples which were by now standing up straight and completely rock hard.

‘You have beautiful breasts,’ he said and lovely hard nipples, I bet they are very sensitive and love to be sucked and bitten, am I right?’ he asked, but he never stopping the stroking.

I told him he was right, I was very sensitive and honestly at that moment I was hoping that he would lower his head and bite and chew on the ends. But he didn’t touch my nipples at all at this stage.’



Chapter Four



‘Next he moved back to my lower legs and started stroking and kneading my upper legs, and when he reached the top of the left leg he pushed it off the table and repeated the process with my right leg, pushing that off the table too. That meant that my legs were wide open and I was now fully exposed; there was little doubt that he would be able to see my glistening pussy and clit and that exhibitionist in me just took over and I wriggled around on the table to make absolutely sure.’

Josephine paused and looked up at Michael, wondering if she was being too direct.

Michael was entranced and fully aroused, holding his large folder /notebook strategically to hide his erection. His imagination was right there with her and he imagined her naked pussy open wide and glistening.

‘Please do go on,’ Michael urged.

‘Ok, well I knew that he could see everything as he looked up and smiling widely said, ‘You do have a beautiful cunt, nice and wet too, mmm, - I’m willing to bet that is also very, very sensitive and loves to be kissed and bitten, eh, am I right?

I couldn’t help myself; I told him that he was right.

Then he asked me if it was something that I wanted him to do, - I mean bite those lovely nipples and chew on that delicious looking pussy and clit, he said.

I just didn’t hesitate, and told him yes, I wanted him to do that. He told me to ask him nicely.

So I said, ‘Please, please bite my nipples and my clit.’

 Then he said, as I had asked so nicely, it would be a pleasure and he began to squeeze and bite my nipples very hard – I loved it. He continued and pushed a few fingers in my wet pussy and finger fucked me for a while and then he got his mouth firmly around my pussy, licking and sucking and I felt his teeth nipping and gently biting on my clit until he made me cum - hell it was marvellous.

Josephine stopped talking and looked over at Michael Bentley who was almost on the edge of his seat. She could remember it so very clearly and was horny at the thought of it – now looking at the attractive Dr Michael she thought that she detected a little hunger in his eyes.

‘Ok, then what? ’ Dr Michael asked.

‘Well,’ Josephine said, dismissing those thoughts, ‘he just stopped and said that was it.

I must admit I was a bit surprised, but after a few minutes he said he knew a couple of guys that would love to suck on my nipples and someone else that loved to eat pussy and would I like to meet them.

He saw my arousal of course but he also recognised my hesitation.

He told me that it would all be safe and that they were decent blokes. He said that he knew for sure that they would love to meet me, and to explore me. I can see how sensitive you are – they will love it and so will you. So will I, of course, what do you say? Come on, it will be an adventure.

I remember I remarked that this massage had already been an adventure. He just laughed and said that he thought my pussy was definitely ready for more.

Sex with four men at the same time, I knew if I didn’t do it, I would always wonder, so the risk taking adventurer in me just had to try it.

And that is how it all began, I later found out that the four of them had met when attending a call for a gangbang organised as a birthday treat for a 26 year old women which had been arranged by her boyfriend, by all accounts it was a bit of a letdown.’

‘Could I have a glass of water please?’ Josephine asked

‘Yes, of course ‘ Michael said and reached across his desk to pour some water into a glass and then held it out to her. Then he asked ‘So the prospect of having sex with four men was very exciting. Was it just having sex with them or was it the exhibitionist side of things that made you excited do you think?’

‘I think it was both,’ Josephine replied, ‘Anyway, getting back to my adventure - yes I really was excited by the prospect of having four men all at once although I wasn’t really sure what to expect. As it turned out, they wanted to all be involved all the time with no one sitting it out. For the most part, they seemed to want to explore me and, as predicted, two of them just couldn’t get enough of my tits - they squeezed and pinched, sucked and chewed on them for what seemed like a long time while someone else slowly licked my pussy and I sucked on a nice big cock. They all seemed very reluctant to cum too soon and they talked about who would enjoy sloppy seconds the most.’

‘It was almost overwhelming, the sensations, the attention, I felt thoroughly marvellous.

Right from an early stage, fingers were thrust in my pussy and I’m sure a few were pushed into my arse too, but with so much attention everywhere it really was hard to know just what was what, sensation wise. Actually, as I recall, they talked about fucking me in the arse or at least getting something to push into it, because they thought it would make me cum harder – but for whatever reason that didn’t happen.’

‘My legs were held up high by two sets of hands which exposed my holes and it must have looked good because I remember that there was a little argument about who would go first – ‘the winner’ rammed a couple of fingers hard into my wet cunt and pulled them out and mixed mine with his own pre-cum and smoothed the juices all over his erection and proceeded to push his big, hard cock straight into my exposed pussy and began to fuck me senseless. The other three took it in turns to finger fuck my arse and bite my tits, sometimes reaching in and squeezing or pinching my clit.’

‘I just took it all, I was so very greedy, but ultimately I sucked each of the remaining cocks, one after the other keeping them hard until they swapped around and the next hard cock thumped into me, giving me the next good hard fucking as the others took over the pinching and squeezing or thrusting fingers, and somehow, they managed to keep this going for a while, all holding back from cumming - while I could hardly stop cumming. But that just seemed to spur them on as they waited to take their turn again; pushing their hard cocks past my swollen pussy lips and into my wet sex. I was so aroused, so hot and had cum and cum, it was so horny;- I was so wet, my clit hard and swollen and my nipples were red from all the biting and chewing – but I loved it!’



Chapter Five



‘Then they decided it was time and began to cum, three of them, one after the other filled up my pussy – sloppy seconds and thirds until it was running out of me and one of them decided to cum big time all over my boobs.’

Josephine stopped talking and Michel noticed that she was looking down at her shoes, perhaps she felt the enormity of her confession and the trust that she had put in him.

‘Sounds like a marvellous adventure,’ he said. ‘Tell me, how you felt afterwards, the next day?’

She took a breath, and again looked up at Michael.

‘I couldn’t stop smiling,’ she said, ‘and I kept getting flashbacks, I felt so sexy, so desirable and so wanted.’

‘But that’s a good thing, isn’t it? I believe that everyone wants to be wanted and considered desirable, so lucky you. So did it make you happy? ’

‘Well, I went back to my ordinary life - I reviewed my business, wondered about selling it. I went out with friends and on a couple of dates.’

‘You didn’t answer my question. Did your adventure into group sex make you happy?

‘Oh yes, it made me very happy, as I said, I smiled a lot initially, but it was so hard going back to vanilla.’

Michael pushed, ‘So why did you?’

‘Well, I suppose that I had told myself, it would just be a one off adventure, something to tick off the bucket list and that it wouldn’t happen again. I’d sort of had my excitement and I needed to get back to basics. So I pushed myself to do that. I put all thoughts of that night, well, perhaps it’s more accurate to say that I tried to put all thoughts of that night out of my mind and, to a large degree, I succeeded. In fact I was doing rather well, the flashbacks receded and life was ok.’

Ok, well, fair enough,’ Michael said, ‘but just because you enjoyed yourself and have had flashbacks of that night doesn’t make a you a sex addict, Josephine, it makes you a hot sexual woman that knows what she likes, and what’s wrong with an adventure and how marvellous to cross something off your bucket list.’

Michael noticed that Josephine was back looking at her shoes.

Suddenly there was a stony silence.

‘Oh I see, there’s’ more, isn’t there? Michael suddenly realised that she had more to say.

‘Oh yes,’ she said, ‘much more.’

Josephine looked at her watch, ‘oh my god, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise I’ve been talking for so long. It feels so good to have told someone, I can’t tell you how pleased I am that I joined, thank you.’

Michael looked his watch too and realised that he had another appointment - 5 minutes ago.

‘I’m glad it’s been helpful but we are not finished are we? Would you like to come back and tell me the rest?’

‘Oh yes, yes I would, yes please, can I come tomorrow and maybe get a little longer because there’s more to say.’

Michael found his diary and they made an arrangement to meet the next day. They both stood up and she smiled such a big smile at him, he just couldn’t help smiling back at her.

‘See you tomorrow.’

‘Yes, see you then,’ he said and walked her to the door and said goodbye.

When he got back to his desk, he plopped down in his chair and ran his hands through his hair, thinking back over the past hour, wondering what just happened. This women, her story, the way she told it... fuck he liked her; she was everything he wanted in a woman and she had landed in his lap, proverbially speaking anyway. The experience was just like watching a very horny porn film, but with no images, just sound – he hadn’t seen a porn film for a long time, and even then it wasn’t as horny as this had felt. Bloody hell, he could almost imagine it all. Would he want to be one of the men, or would he want to be the masseur - who cares, he just wanted to be involved.

He couldn’t wait to hear the rest of her story. He guessed it would be even more intense that the first part. Tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough.

Then, once she had confessed all, he would tell her that he wanted to see her outside of the SAA. He would take her out for dinner, wine her, dine her, and hopefully seduce her... see if he might be enough for her for a while, at least, but first he would have to figure out a way around the ‘no fraternising with clients rule’. Hell he felt excited.

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