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When it comes to Floggers, there really are a lot to choose from. Whilst they may come in a familiar shape, the fabric or textile that make up the tails and handle can vary enormously.

The original and possibly the best example uses leather for the tails and often to wrap the handle. Depending on tail length, these are often the most expensive but some would say that they are worth it for the feel on bare skin and the wonderful leather smell.

If you are not into real leather, try faux leather, not quite as sturdy and with no leather smell, of course, but probably not bad. Rubber is a decent substitute too and still offers a sharp and satisfying sting for less outlay and the heavier rope variety all do a similar job.

I liked everything about the real leather flogger; the feel of it both in the hand and on bare skin, the 20 inch fronds and leather wrapped handle seemed to be just right. The leather used to manufacture this appears to be high quality, yet it felt soft and malleable and easy to wield, makes a great sound, smells great and delivers a very effective sting.

If you haven’t ever delivered a flogging or been in receipt of one and you like the idea - talk it over with your lover, because now is the very best time to try it. As long as it’s sturdy, whether it’s leather, faux leather, rubber or rope, most floggers will be a great experience for first timers. I really liked this Short Leather Flogger at  £ 39.99. It has a leather handle with studs for a sturdy grip and leather fronds and at  21 inches long  could be just the right length for you.

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Rouge Short Leather Flogger With Studs £39.99