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EROTICA two for her pleasure

Voluptuous Veronica and Alpha Aaron have a great relationship, both strong willed and confident. When it comes to their sex life, they share control, they have to as each of them loves the life of a D/s Switch –Tonight it’s Veronica’s turn and she plans to make sure that Aaron will never forget this night. As they play with their toys and she sets the scene – the ultimate erotic pleasure is just around the corner. This is a first class slice of Erotic Fiction – Enjoy!


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Category: Erotica, BDSM, Multiple Partners    


Tags: erotic fiction, adult fiction, novel erotica, short erotic fiction, sexy short stories, multiple partners, hot wife, explicit hot sex, dp, exhibitionism

Words: 6530ISBN: 9780463535356


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***** This was a great book and very erotic story.

***** Jessica really does make it difficult. Just when you've read (and reviewed) the hottest book you've seen in ages, along she comes and ups the ante! This is an absolute sizzler - what an idea! If you are a controlling kind of woman, or a submissive kind of guy, you'll love this. Or even if you just enjoy reading about those types of characters. If 6 stars were an option, this book would definitely get them.

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