All for Her Master

Jake Franklyn knew all there was to know about films. He had sold his successful screenplay company for a tidy sum and now he organised a film club for fun. But Jake had a deep dark secret - a mysterious, erotic, secret that he longed to share. He had dated lots of women, but none of them measured up to his expectations... then he met Amanda and everything changed.

This is a trilogy about a man who dreams of being a dominant and a woman who doesn’t know that she is a submissive… yet

Read their hot and horny story in this 3 book series of erotic fiction 18,000 w 137 m ( 2hrs.17ms) usually $8.98 (£7.20)now only £4.80 for 3 book series. This is Erotic Fiction at its best.

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I’ve Just finished the All For Her Master Series and as sexy short stories go, I must say that it’s a good balance of suspense and reveal - the story and the temptation of it all kept my attention the whole way through - I’m still feeling horny.

A good balance of suspense and reveal

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She writes this Adult Fiction so well, Lansdown seems to be able to build the tension right from the start and leaves you wanting another instalment and another – very clever and very hot too.

All for her Master – left me wanting more

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All For her Master Series is a great well written story of raw rampant mind blowing sex, it’s what erotic fiction is all about - takes you to the edge of your imagination and over it for more.

Rampant & Mind Blowing Sex

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EROTICA for her Exclusive Pleasure


Ménage at its absolute best.

They talk fantasy,they talk adventure, but as Edward indulges her ultimate desires, will Gina surrender to the dream and will Edward love the results.

Read their hot and horny story in this very popular example of erotic fiction 7800w 60m ( 1hr) only £2.40

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I’m Jessica Lansdown, author of the All For Her Master Series, Lessons in Submissions and numerous other books, short stories, novellas and blogs. I am a sex advocate and fiercely believe in the healing powers of escaping to a good erotic story as often as you can as well as reading various ‘how to’ or review style blogs on various erotic and kink fuelled subjects ….and I’m rather keen on kink, so If you like to read about sex in all its many splendored glory – check out my writing style... Why not subscribe below to make sure you are up to date with new books and writings.