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You will find lots of the books I’ve written so far highlighted across these pages. 

Dominance and Submission, Cuckold, Hotwife, Sex Fantasies… There are stories to celebrate us Curvy Ladies, there’s also something that is Pure Romance...

Whatever you are into, there's sure to be something here for you.

Just click on to the book cover below to find out more...


I create everything from my adventures, my experiences and of course, my imagination. I’ve lived it and I’ve done the research for some of my Blogs and Podcasts and I have become the very essence of the Passion Collector to bring you some Mini-Pods.

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Laid Bare

I’ve decided to start a Podcast. I’ve chosen to call it Laid Bare because in essence that’s what it will be;- me Jess, my passions and my thoughts Laid Bare and exposed. Along the way, I’ll be looking into various sex and passion based topics as well as hearing points of view from people who are happy to share and talking to some very interesting people to get their views too  The first series of shows will focus on Consensual Kinks.  Most episodes  end with a  short story chosen by me to illustrate and complement the topic.

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What’s Changed?

Readers have told me that they would like some of my stories to continue. Readers have said they want to know more about the characters as well as more on their adventures and what happen next.  So with that in mind, the way that I write my stories has changed as now, as well as writing new stuff, I’m adding new chapters to existing stories. If you become a member or Patron of my Patreon pages, you can get access to these new chapters as I write them.



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Work in Progress

Dangerous Curves.jpg

Dangerous Curves

With so many thin women in his life, Gavin can’t believe his luck when he meets curvy voluptuous Jena. For Gavin, who has a fetish-like craving for big breasted women, Jena ticks all the right boxes, and when she seems more than happy to call him ‘Sir’ dominant Gavin is determined to keep her.

Possession & Desire.jpg

Possession & Desire

I’m excited to bring you this story – it’s a romance  although it’s hot, erotic, dark and dangerous too. I hope it captures you just as much as it has captured me.

Like so many relationships, it was a chance meeting that brought Josh and Eleanor together.

Work In Progress

As a Patron, you will have access to the new books I’m working on now, which are Dangerous Curves and Possession and Desire - both will have new chapters added regularly.

I hope you get all this and will support me with my new plans. I’d love to hear from you, so please do email me with your thoughts.

Jess x 

As sexy short stories go, I must say that it’s a good balance of suspense and reveal - the story and the temptation of it all kept my attention the whole way through - I’m still feeling horny.

A good balance of suspense and reveal

Smashwords Reader

Praise & Reviews

She writes this Adult Fiction so well, Lansdown seems to be able to build the tension right from the start and leaves you wanting another instalment and another – very clever and very hot too.

Left me wanting more

Feel-Good Friday Twitter

A great well written story of raw rampant mind blowing sex, it’s what erotic fiction is all about - takes you to the edge of your imagination and over it for more.

Rampant & Mind Blowing Sex

Novel Erotica

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About Jessica Lansdown

I’m Jessica Lansdown, author of All For Her Master, Lessons in Submissions and numerous other books, short stories, novellas blogs. I am a sex advocate and fiercely believe in the healing powers of escaping to a good erotic story as often as you can. I’m rather keen on kink, so If you like to read about sex in all its many splendored glory – check out my style... My writing is Romance and Erotica including all sorts of topics:- BDSM, Kink, Gangbang, Nurse & Doctor, Voyeur, Cuckold, Menage, Millionaire, Murder, Revenge & Madness. Some one-shot short or very short stories, some full on love stories, some suspense and now my Laid Bare Podcast.

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