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The Wife, The Bull & The Cuckold

Sally and Steve have been together for a long time. Steve is a really nice man and that could be the problem. Now Sally wants more, she wants a firmer hand, she wants to be controlled and she wants to try new things. Steve will do anything for Sally and he confides in a work colleague who tells him exactly what to do to make his wife happy… and so it begins. Hot and Horny Erotic Fiction at its best.

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Chapter One

Chapter One



Steve had been an architect for most of his working career. He loved buildings; the very modern ones, the old ones and just about everything in between. As long as the building had style, in his opinion it would be ageless and classic. He liked to think of himself that way too; although, most of the time, he felt a long way from classic or ageless. He was a creative at heart and, although he was a partner at the firm, he was content to let others handle the business end of things because for him it was all about design. In recent years he had taken more and more of a back seat in terms of decision making, preferring to avoid any and all confrontation wherever possible.

His wife Sally was just as beautiful and vibrant as ever, planning this, arranging that, determined to enjoy life to the full and dragging easy going Steve along for the ride.

She was a journalist, fun loving and articulate with an inclination for the dramatic. Sally had a very keen imagination with a definite dark sexy side which Steve had always loved. Her natural exuberance and love of life more than compensated for any lack of spirit from Steve and he still felt lucky to have her.

They had been together for many years and although the passion had definitely worn a bit thin between them, they were still good mates and could talk about most things without any problems and often had long conversations about life, love and work.

During one of these conversations Sally had suddenly admitted that she had been wondering what it would be like to have another man.

‘Someone who was perhaps a bit controlling and a bit dominant,’ she confided, ‘I’ve never really experienced anything like that. You are so laid back, which is always great, but I’ve read a few books recently where male dominance was an integral part of the story and it made me feel, well I liked the thought of it. How would you feel about that?’ she asked.

Steve wanted nothing more than for Sally to be happy. She had a great body, feminine and curvy with large breasts, long legs and a wonderful pussy. He wondered these days if he was enough for her.


‘Come on, I think you know don’t you?’ Steve replied. ‘I’m sure we’ve talked about it before. I’ve always loved the idea of you being with another man, as long as you come back to me in the end. But I do think that I would like to be involved in some way, or at least watch him fucking you.’

‘I know you’ve never been one for controlling things so how involved would you want to be?’ Sally asked. ‘I mean on the side lines, fully involved with the sex, or what? The reason I ask is because I want someone to take control which means that you can’t be in control as well. Are you happy to concede control to another man if it comes to it?’

‘Yes of course. I’ll do whatever it takes and I mean that. I want you to have some fun and I’d love to see you being completely pleasured by another man, I think it could be terrific.’

‘But what if he wants to make you do things, would you have a problem following instructions?’

‘I don’t see it as a problem. I know how to follow orders. You know the senior partner at work, old man Gilbert, is always barking out orders and, come to think of it, his son Rick is just as bad. Rick is always ordering me about and he’s not even my boss. He just likes to feel that he is in charge and I’m not good with conflict as you know. I mean, I’m pretty easy going so it just makes life easier. So no, to answer your question, I don’t think I’d have a problem with it.’

The moment passed and Sally sort of changed the subject.

‘You’ve told me that Mr Gilbert can be a bit over the top, but he does own the firm, so I guess he’s allowed to be. You have never said much about this Rick character before,’ Sally said, ‘what’s he like?’

‘Actually he’s a cocky, arrogant little shit. He’s Mr Gilbert’s eldest son and he makes sure everyone knows it. He is very wealthy and very confident too.’

‘Oh how awful. Does that mean that he is a bit of a know nothing know it all?’Sally asked.

‘He does actually have a really good knowledge of architecture and he’s an astute business man too by all accounts. He’s single I think and I’m sure that he is being groomed to take over when old man Gilbert retires next year. I feel bad for maligning him because he’s alright really, not a bad bloke, quite friendly too, actually. You’ll meet him if you can pick me up after the partner’s dinner on Friday night, so why don’t you come in when you arrive and I’ll introduce you. It’s at the Golf club – it’s black tie, there’s a speaker and bound to be plenty of booze. I know it’s not far but it would be great if you could drop me off and collect me afterwards, then I can have a few drinks. Is that ok?’

‘Sure, no problem,’ she said, ‘just give me a call when you’re ready.’




When Friday came around, Steve called Sally to say that one of the other partners would be collecting him at 7pm to take him to the dinner, so it would just mean one trip for her if she could pick him up later, probably about midnight.

Sally was quite late finishing work and fixed herself something light to eat and poured a glass of cool white wine. As it got later, she wondered whether to change out of her work clothes, but in the end decided that her black pencil skirt and tight black top still looked ok. Once she got the call from Steve she quickly freshened up her makeup and slung her suit jacket around her shoulders and made her way in the car to the golf club.

On arrival, she moved inside looking around for Steve, who came through the doors of a side room at that every moment.

‘Hey Sally,’ he called out and waved.

As Sally walked over to meet Steve another man came out of the room, taller and bigger than Steve. She noticed he was quite attractive in a rugged, earthy sort of way.

‘Oh Sally, this is Rick Gilbert, Rick this is my wife Sally,’

‘Hey Sally,’ he said, ‘Steve’s been telling me all about you. Would you care to come and have a drink with us?’

‘Of course she’ll have a drink, won’t you Sally?’ Steve said before she could reply.

‘Just one then,’ she said, ‘I’ve already had a glass of wine at home earlier and I’m driving, so just an orange juice please.’

Steve grabbed her hand and steered here back into the room where he had spent the evening.

There were twelve partners including managing partner Alan Gilbert. She was introduced to them all as Steve pulled up a chair for her and they all chatted on amiably, some talking to her and others keeping in their own conversations. Eventually she insisted that it was time to go and stood up and they both said their goodbyes.

‘Well he’s kept you a bit of secret,’ Rick said to her as Steve went to thank Alan Gilbert for the evening.

‘Pardon,’ she said.

‘Don’t worry,’ Rick replied, ‘I don’t blame him. Might see you again sometime.’

As Steve was back at her side there was no opportunity to reply, so she said, ‘Bye, nice to meet you.’ But she wondered about his comment and looked back at him as they left. She couldn’t help but notice that Rick’s eyes were still on her. It felt rather good.



Chapter Two



The following week, just as Steve was loading up his brief case to head home, Rick popped his head into the office.

‘A few of us are going to the Old Swan for a beer, why don’t you come along.

‘Eh well,’ Steve hesitated.

‘Good, that’s settled then, ‘Rick said quickly, I’ll be back in 5 minutes to collect you.

Once in the pub, Rick talked to Steve about the new project in the city that the firm were working on and Rick asked how it was going. The multimillion pounds job was very important for the firm in terms of both revenue and kudos, so it was imperative that everything ran smoothly. Steve explained that overall the project was progressing well, but he felt he should mention that there were some problems with the glazing side of things - some measurements were wrong and the glass had already been cut so it had to be re-cut, which meant the whole job had been delayed.

‘That’s a very costly mistake Steve. I presume that was your fault?’ Rick asked

Steve spluttered, ‘No, not really, I didn’t do the measuring, it was Jim.’

 ‘So you’re passing the buck are you?’ Rick said, ‘I thought that you were better than that. You are the project lead on the job, aren’t you, so it’s actually your responsibility, isn’t It.?’ 

‘Yes, you’re right,’ Steve said with a big sigh. I have spoken to Jim about taking more care but yes, it was my fault, I should have checked.’

‘Look, don’t worry,’ Rick said, ‘I’ll look into the costs and delays and try to square it with the old man, but you’ll owe me one, ok?’.

‘Sure, no problem,’ Steve said, confident that there would be nothing that he could possibly do for Rick that Rick couldn’t already do for himself.

He didn’t know how wrong he could be.

Steve told Sally about the cock up at work and the fact that it was his fault, as an important project had been delayed.

She sympathised and told him not to worry. Steve explained that Rick had said the same thing, offering to smooth things over with the boss, old man Gilbert.

‘Wow’ said Sally,’ that’s good of him, how will you return the favour?’

I don’t know, I can’t worry about that now, I’ll just have to see how it goes.’ Steve said.

The following week, Rick approached Steve again about having a drink together, but this time it was just the two of them.

They talked about work and progress on the jobs and Rick confirmed that he had been able to cover the major mistake on the glazing for the city project.

Steve was very grateful and thanked Rick profusely for his help.

‘So what do you do with yourself then Steve, outside of work I mean?’

‘Nothing much, a spot of golf sometimes, what about you?’

‘I’m often in the gym actually, although I like to watch rugby when I can.’

So Steve, tell me about your lovely wife, what’s she like?’

She’s a journalist, I think I told you last time, she’s very talented, full of fire and always on the go.’ Rick raised an eyebrow.

‘No, not like that,’ Steve said laughing.

‘So, she’s not always on the go then?’ Rick said smirking knowingly.

‘I mean, she’s always doing something and when she’s not, she wants to be.’


‘She is rather gorgeous,’ Rick said, ‘from the little I saw of her.’

‘Thank you yes, I agree,’ Steve replied, beaming at Ricks compliment.

‘But you have to be careful with a woman like that, Steve. Do you think that you satisfy her? Women are so hard to read. I know my ex wife was like that. She didn’t tell me she wanted more until she had found it elsewhere.’

‘Oh sorry Rick, I didn’t know,’ Steve said, ‘but yes I think that she is satisfied but, as you say, it’s hard to know for sure.’

‘You’ve got to read the signals,’ Rick went on, ‘Does she ever talk about fantasies and stuff; I mean things that she would like to do?’

‘Well sometimes.’

‘And?’ rick said.

‘And what?’ Steve said innocently.

‘And what do you do about these fantasies?’

‘Well it’s only recently actually, that it’s come up.’

‘So come on, tell me what her fantasy is?’

‘No, I’m not telling you that, it’s private.’ Steve said.

‘Rubbish, nothing about your life is private from me Steve.’ Anger flashed in Rick’s face. I have done you a big favour. So if I ask you something I expect you to tell me, is that clear?’

Steve was a bit surprised at Rick’s tone as he suddenly seemed annoyed.

Not wanting to cause any problems Steve assured Rick that it wouldn’t be a problem.

‘Ok, I’ll tell you, there’s no need to get annoyed,’ he said.

‘So tell me, about Sally’s fantasy.’ Rick asked.

‘Well, she hasn’t said much really. She has just said that she’s thinking about another man.

‘Oh Steve, who is it?’ Rick asked, his voice full of sympathy.

‘No nothing like that, she hasn’t got another man; she just wants to experience another man. She wants someone to control her and she wants me to be involved, to watch I think.’

‘And what did you say?’

‘I told her I would do whatever it takes to make her happy?’

‘Well done,’ Rick said, ‘that’s quite clearly the right answer, and it’s very interesting.’

‘Why is it interesting?’ Steve asked.

Rick thought for a moment wondering if Steve was ready to hear this.

‘Well it’s just that I think you might make a very suitable cuckold.’

‘I’m not sure about that,’ Steve said, ‘I don’t think I’m that much of a wimp.’

‘It’s not about being a wimp, it’s about helping your wife to achieve her fantasies, keeping her happy and following instructions from the other man.’

‘You seem to know a lot about it,’ Steve said.

‘Yes, I suppose I do.’ I am a bull.’ Rick said.

‘What does that mean?’ Steve asked.

‘It means that I am that other man that your wife wants to dominate her, and the man that will dominate you too.’

‘Oh, now wait a minute,’ Steve said, ‘this is not what I had in mind.’

‘I’ll bet it’s what your wife has in mind though. And I thought you said that you would do whatever it takes to fulfil your wife’s fantasy? Now you are being a wimp, Steve, and that’s a shame. You obviously haven’t got the courage to do this for her, to make her happy.’

‘Not to worry, let’s just forget it and have another drink,’ Rick said. Turning to the barman he ordered two more beers.


Steve was stunned and surprised and suddenly quiet. Wondering if he was just being selfish, if he had the opportunity to fulfil Sally’s fantasies then maybe he should just take a chance and go for it- at least he knew Rick.

After a few minutes of silence, Steve said, ‘So you’ve done it before I suppose?’

‘Yes, I have done it before.’ Rick replied.

‘How does it work, I mean, what’s involved?’

Rick smiled inwardly knowing for sure that he now had Steve on the hook.

‘It’s quite simple and can be a very hot and horny experience for everyone concerned.

Probably the best way would be for you to tell Sally that you have found a man that will do all the things that you talked about to achieve her fantasy. You could tell her it’s me if you want to, or it might be extra horny if she doesn’t know who the man will be. She needs to know that the man would completely control everything and dominate the whole situation. You would tell her that once it starts, you would both be following instructions implicitly, which I presume is the turn on for Sally, and for you the turn on is seeing her completely turned on, is that right?’

‘Yes, that’s right, it’s for her. So where would it all happen and do we meet first or what?’

‘I’ll arrange a hotel and we’ll meet in the bar and have a few drinks to loosen ourselves up, and when we all feel comfortable, I’ll take it from there, ’Rick replied smoothly.


Chapter Three



Sally was nervous and Steve was very nervous.

Steve had decided not to tell Sally that it was Rick, but rather that he had arranged for a man to join them. He told her that the man was broad and fit and decent looking and that he knew what to do and he was really looking forward to meeting her. He explained to Sally that the man was a dominant male and that they would both have to do what he said in order for things to work properly.

‘All I want to know Sally is, are you excited?’

‘Yes I’m very excited, are you?’

‘Yes I am excited, a little anxious giving up control and stuff, but I’m sure it will all be ok.’

Rick had booked a good quality city hotel and they had arranged to meet in Quincy’s, the hotel’s upmarket bar.

As they walked in Sally recognised Rick immediately. She had thought of him fleetingly a couple of times since they had met, but looking at him now he seemed more attractive than she remembered. She was a little shocked that this plan that Steve had concocted included some one that he worked with and she suddenly felt very concerned.

 ‘Rick, you will remember my wife Sally.’

‘Wow, you are just as lovely this time,’ Rick said, ‘I’m very pleased to meet you again.’

‘Steve, you didn’t tell me that we would be meeting Rick,’ she said.

‘Is there a problem with that Sally?’ Rick asked.

‘No, no of course not. It’s just a bit awkward, I mean you work together, ’Sally replied, trying to sound casual as she kissed him gently on each cheek.

‘Don’t worry,’ Rick said, ‘it’s all going to be fine. We are all here to have a good time, yes?’ ‘What can I get you guys to drink?’


Sally quickly drank her first glass of wine and began to feel better as she stole a glance at Rick. Tall and broad, just as Steve had said, quite good looking in a roguish sort of way. Visions of his hands on her naked body flashed through her mind and she decided right there and then to make the most of this night. As the alcohol flowed they all began to lose their inhibitions a little as they talked about everything and nothing. Eventually getting on to the subject of sex, did size matter? Was it good to have sex in public? Who liked to watch porn, etc. etc? After a few more glasses of wine and a little hot conversation, they were all ready for the next step and Rick suggested that they take things upstairs.

‘There’s a bottle of fizz chilling up there so we can carry on drinking if we want to, although perhaps there will be other better things to be getting on with,’ Rick said chuckling.

Sally was impressed with the room. It was modern and spacious with a large bed, a sofa and various chairs as well as a writing desk where the champagne sat chilling in a bucket on a tray with three glasses.

Once Rick had expertly opened the bottle and handed around a glass each he looked over at Steve. ‘Cheers,’ he said, ‘here’s too it.’ They all chinked their glasses.

‘You know how this works I presume, Steve?’

 ‘I’m going to have your very lovely wife in every possible way and very importantly she is going to have me too. You know that right?’ Rick leaned forward and stroked Sally’s cheek.

Steve said nothing.

‘Look Steve, I know that we’ve talked about this but I want to make sure that Sally knows all about it and she knows that we have talked it through, so I’m going to need to know that you can follow my instructions. So you’d better say right now that you understand how things will go and that you are capable and happy to follow my instructions,’ he said firmly as he looked squarely at Steve.

‘Yes I understand, Steve said, and I know what to expect.’

‘I guess we will see about that,’ Rick said and chuckled.

He looked over at Sally, ‘and what about you my lovely,’ he said more softy. ‘I imagine you and Steve have discussed this and it’s what you want, so I hope that you have some idea of what to expect and that you are looking forward to it.’

'Oh yes,' Sally replied ‘I’ve been looking forward to something like this for a while.’

'That’s good,' Rick went on, ‘but I do rather hope to take your breath away, I plan to make you beg for it Sally and you may even be surprised by a few things. But don’t worry, you will enjoy everything. Even when hubby there licks my cock clean after you’ve cum all over it. I’m sure we will all love that.’ he said grinning.

‘What?’ Steve said clearly dismayed.

‘Be quiet Steve. You will only speak when I tell you to, ok?’ Rick demanded aggressively

‘OK?’ he demanded again when Steve didn’t reply.

‘Yes, yes ok,’ Steve replied.

Sally realised that she was beginning to become aroused. Rick was quite clearly very confident and in complete control and she loved it. Now looking at Rick, wondering how things would go, she felt anxious but incredibly excited. 

Steve seemed a little nervous and just stood openly admiring his wife. His eyes travelled over her body, starting at her high heels, slowly moving up her legs and over the black button through shirt dress, stopping fleetingly at her cleavage, then up to her face – he smiled at her broadly, secretly excited about what may happen next. Images of this big man fucking his wife suddenly flashed into his head and he couldn’t wait to see her begging for it.

‘Right,’ Rick said pointing into the corner ‘I want you sitting in that high backed chair. Let’s bring it in close to the bed. I want you to be close enough to be able to see my tongue go to work on your wife’s pussy and watch my fingers ramming into her juicy cunt. So pick up the chair and move in closer,’ he instructed.

Steve picked up the heavy chair and moved it as directed.

When he was satisfied with the position, Rick told Steve to sit down. ‘You can watch everything but you can’t touch anything until I give you my permission, ok?’

The husband nodded his acceptance.

‘But you might find it difficult so to make sure that you stick to our agreement I’m going to secure you to that chair with these and he rummaged around in his bag and held up a set of steel handcuffs and proceeded to pull the other mans hands behind his back, looping the cuff chain through the bars of the chair and securing each cuff to a wrist. 

‘That’s marvellous,’ Rick said, looking at his handy work as he tested the security of the cuffs. ‘Now come over here Sally, I’ve been desperate to touch you all evening, so I’m really going to make up for it now.’

Sally walked the few paces and immediately Rick took her mouth in a passionate kiss. Sally had felt an instant attraction to this man when they had met a few weeks ago and now she melted into his kiss without a moment’s hesitation, although Steve was only inches away.

When Rick pulled back from the kiss he began to unfasten the buttons of her dress, stroking her skin at regular intervals as he exposed her black silk underwear and lacy hold up stockings. She began to unbutton his shirt but he batted her hands away. ‘I’ll tell you when to do that. For now just stand still and do what I say alright my lovely,’ he asked

‘Yes of course, you’re the boss,’ she said.

Rick just smiled.

Steve sat looking at them, getting hotter and hotter.

Rick soon pulled down the cups of the bra and her large breasts bounced free, her nipples already hard in arousal.

‘Lovely, look at those Steve. Beautiful breasts your wife has, lovely big tits, doesn’t she? I could play with these for hours.’ Rick pinched and squeezed the very ends of the nipples, causing a small moan to escape from Sally’s lips.

‘That good?’ he asked her.

 ‘Mmm,’ was her reply.

Rick bent his head down and begun sucking and nipping, licking over her hard nipples, occasionally biting the very ends. It was exquisite and she felt every single sensation rushing straight down to her pussy, which she knew would be wet.

Rick now pushed his fingers into her panties and slowly began to slide them down her legs. She stepped out of them as he unclipped her bra which fell to the ground. Sally was now naked except for the hold-up stockings and high heels and Rick pushed her gently down onto Steve’s lap. He leaned into her, clutching her wrists together behind her back with one big hand and then he began to lick and suck on her hard nipples just a short distance away from Steve’s face. Steve was beginning to breath harder and faster as he watched Steve‘s tongue slobbering over his wife’s breasts, biting the very ends, first one then the other then back to the first. Rick loved it and Sally moaned and squealed with delight. Steve began to sweat.

‘I think she likes that Steve, it’s bound to be making her wet. Did you know that your wife likes to have the very ends of those glorious nipples bitten just a little?’ Rick went back to biting the ends of Sally’s nipples. ‘Mmm that’s so lovely.’ he said.           



Chapter Four



Rick pulled Sally up and releasing her wrists he made her walk a couple of paces and pushed her down onto the bed. He quickly positioned himself in between Sally’s legs and proceeded to slowly kiss and lick his way up her stocking clad legs, continuously pushing them wider and wider apart. She moved her hands down to push her fingers through his hair.

‘Just keep still my lovely, make as much noise as you like, but I’ll tell you when to touch me,’

Rick said.

When he reached the very top, he moved his fingers around the lips of her naked wet pussy, very gently stroking the outside. It was driving Sally crazy. She writhed around and tried to move closer to the working fingers.

‘Keep still,’ Rick said, ‘I’ll get to your lovely hard clit soon, but only if you are patient and keep still.’

Sally did as she was told, loving every minute of this man’s dominance.

‘Oh Steve, she is so wet. She’s probably desperate for a big hard cock and good solid fucking, don’t you think?’

Steve didn’t reply.

‘Well?’ Rick demanded.

‘Yes, she’s been looking forward to hard cock,’ Steve admitted.

‘Yes, I bet she has, but I’ve got to explore her for a while first. I’m going to explore her arse thoroughly too you know, get a few of my fingers right in there, getting her nice and ready for my big thick cock. But first I’m going to taste this lovely juicy cunt that she is so desperate for me suck on and really lap her up. You’d like to see that, wouldn’t you Steve?’

‘Oh hell yes, and Sally will love it too.’ Steve replied.

Rick manoeuvred Sally across the bed so that Steve would get a perfect close up view as his tongue lashed and flicked over her clit. As his fingers worked in and out of her soaking wet pussy Rick looked up at Steve occasionally to check that he was watching his tongue and fingers darting around and around Sally’s gaping wet sex.

Sally moaned loudly with such pleasure.

‘Come over here Steve, you need to get closer, I want you to see the effect my fingers and tongue are having on your lovely wife. She is so fucking wet’

‘Oh right,’ Rick laughed, I forgot you can’t come over because you’re restrained to the chair.’

Rick stopped what he was doing and moved over to Steve’s chair and began to release the ratchets on the cuffs. Sally, desperate for Rick’s mouth and fingers again began to writhe around on the bed.

’Come back,’ she pleaded, ‘please come back.’

‘Wait for it beautiful, ‘Rick said, ‘I’m coming back, I just want Steve to help, that’s all.’

Rick now began to strip off his clothes to reveal a large, thick cock fully erect and glistening with pre cum. Sally gasped in surprise. Oh my god, she wanted that cock in her mouth, in her pussy, in every hole. She wanted it now and over and over again. She felt so hot, so aroused.

Rick just smiled. He loved this little game and the control it gave him over the husband and the wife.

‘Get over here Steve and hold her legs open.’ Steve, still fully clothed, did as he was told, which brought him much closer to Sally’s naked body. Rick manoeuvred once more to ensure easy access and he began to suck and slurp, finding and biting gently down on her clit. Steve could only watch as Sally moaned and writhed with pleasure as Rick’s fingers and tongue worked their obvious magic on her.

Rick pulled his fingers out and smoothed the wetness over his big cock, using it to play for a few moments around her entrance, slowly pushing the hard shaft into her wet folds. Steve leaned forward to watch the big cock slowly edging into her.

‘Please,’ Sally said, ‘please. Come on, fuck me now, please fuck me hard.’

Rick pushed Steve away and plunged straight into her, pumping hard and fast and she cried out.

Rick suddenly slowed right down, stroking her insides with slow deliberate movements, his hard cock reaching into every crevice, every sensitive spot. His thumb was rubbing over her clit. Then suddenly he stopped moving.

‘Do you like the feel of that big thick cock pounding into your beautiful wet cunt, my lovely?’

‘Oh god yes, I love it – don’t stop.

‘You better ask me nicely,’ Rick whispered.

‘Please,’ she said softly, writhing on the bed, desperate to feel Rick’s big cock moving in her again.

‘NO, that will not do, I need you to beg me nicely to fuck you. Do you want to cum Sally, is that what will happen when I start moving my cock and squeezing your clit again?’

‘Oh yes please, please, I want to cum, let me cum, please.’

He thrust his cock straight back in to her hard and fast, easily finding her clit which he rubbed and pinched, delighted at her horny reaction.

Sally was suddenly on the edge and quickly over it and the climax washed over her.

 Sally was breathless, ‘oh man, that was sooo good, oh man,’ she said, ‘wonderful, marvellous.’

Rick rolled off her, his cock still hard and coated in her sticky juices and he stood up. ‘Don’t go away, beautiful,’ he said, ‘I’m not finished with you yet.’

He looked over at Steve.

‘Right Steve, now it’s time for you to start to earn your place here. You can get down on your knees and suck me clean. I want a very nice very hard shiny cock by the time you’ve finished, ok.’

Steve stopped in his tracks, then obviously decided to follow the bigger man’s instructions.

Kneeling down he took the huge cock into his mouth, sucking it in deeply, right to the back of his throat, all the time stroking and playing with the big man’s full balls. Rick held Steve‘s head in place, pushing it down firmly on his throbbing cock. Watching Steve sucking on his cock and quite obviously loving it was not a surprise for Rick, although his obvious ability was.

‘That’s good Steve, very good. But don’t forget to lick my balls too, I’m sure they must have got at least a little bit dirty,’ he said smirking and again. Steve did as instructed and proceeded to lick Rick’s balls while he pulled firmly up and down on his cock. Rick loved it. 

Sally sat up to watch and was surprised at how horny it made her feel.

Soon, Rick pushed Steve away and looked back over at Sally. ‘You ready for me again, beautiful, fully recovered and raring to go?’

‘Not sure about being fully recovered, but oh yes,’ she said, ‘I’m very ready.’

‘Did you like watching your husband sucking me off? You know he would have sucked and licked for a lot longer if I wanted it. I think he rather likes sucking cock, he’s a natural.’

‘It certainly looked that way,’ Sally said, ‘it was rather hot to watch.’

‘He’ll be doing a lot more of it, so don’t worry, I will let you watch again. I’m so glad you’re feeling hot and ready, my lovely. Steve come over here and hold her legs up wide apart, let me see that lovely pussy inviting me in.’

Steve moved around and did as he was told, with one hand on each ankle he held her legs up high pulling them wide apart. He stole a glance at his wife’s wet pussy as Rick pushed his fingers firmly into her sex once more and used her juices to coat his cock.

 He slowly inched his way inside her, his cock pulling all the way out with every new inch he pushed in.

It was such a tease for Sally; she wanted to feel that big cock, all of it, pumping into her as hard as possible.

‘Come on,’ she said, ‘harder, you are making me crazy, please fuck me harder.’

 Sally couldn’t stand it, she brought her hands down across Rick’s backside to try to hold him in and push him down further.

‘You don’t tell me what to do, I tell you,’ Rick said in a menacing whisper.

‘Steve, come around the side here. Keep holding her legs up, use one hand now and grab her hands with your other hand and hold those above her head yes that’s it. I want her completely exposed, vulnerable and all mine. Sally’s legs were now pushed together and her ankles were touching, clamped together by one of Steve’s hands. She was almost flat on her back with her legs in the air. Her ankles were pushed a long way back, almost to meet her hands which meant her pussy and arse were fully exposed.

Again Steve was happy to follow Rick’s instructions, Sally was obviously enjoying herself and honestly, he was enjoying himself too.

‘You should know Sally that I’ll do what I want, when I want. Is that clear,’ Rick said?

She nodded.

‘Ok where was I, ’he said. ‘Oh yes, I was fucking you very slowly, and now my little lackey Steve is being very helpful and holding your legs almost over your head, my lovely, but you do look gorgeous and so ready for a thorough fucking. I’m just wondering which hole to choose first – they both look so very inviting. Pussy I think,’ he said, chuckling, ‘it’s so wet.

‘Yes,’ Sally said, ‘please, please.’

Sally was stretched out in the best possible way - her legs right up and her arms pinned above her head by Steve. Rick licked a finger and pushed it slowly into her arse, working it around as he then slipped two fingers into her pussy, working both hands together. Sally moaned with obvious pleasure.

‘Look at this Steve, isn’t it lovely, do you think she’s ready for my big cock now?’

He didn’t care what Steve thought, he was so turned on by the sight of this woman completely available and on display for him, with her own husband holding her in place - it was fucking awesome.

He pulled his fingers clear and used the juices from her wet pussy once again to coat his big cock, which he slowly began to push into her, pumping and grinding, getting faster and faster, harder and harder, each thrust pushing her up the bed skin, slapping on skin, stretching her pussy lips wide. Steve was struggling to hold her legs and ankles in place.

Sally called out and moaned and groaned, clearly loving the feel of it all. Rick slowed a little and looked at her tits bouncing up and down and reached out and tweaked a nipple. He then quickly moved his fingers to her pussy and clit, which he squeezed and rubbed in time with the continuous pounding of his cock.

Sally shouted out, ‘I’m going to cum, oh my, I’m going to cummmmmm,’ and she writhed around wildly and Steve lost his grip on her wrists. Her pussy contracted and squeezed Rick’s cock just like a vice, and he shot his load straight into her, grunting and growling. Then he pulled out, allowing some of the thick cum to spurt over her big tits.

Both Sally and Rick panted in unison, both sweating and hot. After a few minutes Rick rolled off Sally and laid down next to her, catching his breath.

 Steve allowed Sally's legs to drop and stood back looking at the two of them stretched out on the bed. When Rick recovered a little he called to Steve.

 ‘Ok, your turn again Steve. Lucky you,’ he said with a wide grin. ‘You can clean up your wife’s sopping wet cunt, I want to see it completely licked clean and shining. Her tits will need a good licking too, because they are more or less covered in my cum. When you’re finished with Sally, I’m sure I’ll be hard again and my cock will need another clean up. But a much more thorough one this time - because it’s covered in Sally’s juices and my cum. I know there was such a lot of it everywhere so I think you’d better get to work, because it’s going to take a while. Ok?’

‘Yes, that’s absolutely fine with me,’ Steve said. ‘I’ve loved watching you and I’m beginning to love all of this.’

‘I’m glad to hear that you like this Steve, but maybe you haven’t realised the best part yet. ‘I’ll tell you, if you are interested to know,’ Rick said, eyeing Steve but grinning.

‘Yes of course, tell me,’ Steve replied eagerly.

‘It’s just that I’m a horny bastard, so the chances are I’m going to cum all over your wife in her pussy and in her arse lots of times, so you’ve got a real lot of cleaning up to look forward to.’

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