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Erotic Vibrations

New Couple Sex - Far from Vanilla



Gabriella can’t help but play hard to get; she loves to tease, but Michael has other plans as this time he tempts her with his sublime and passionate seduction techniques. He invites her out to an exclusive private club where fantasy and reality can meet - not exactly behind closed doors It all begins with a little remote control and moves to dirty dancing, champagne and erotic mind blowing sex, but only just about in private.



Category:  Erotica, Couples Sex

Tags: exhibitionism, erotica passionerotic romanceexplicitvibratorhot sex,  stories cock teaseerotic dancingerotic play


Words: 7750

ISBN: 9781310200625

Formats: Every order contains a zip file that includes: EPUB, MOBI, PDF

***** I really liked all the build up in this story, you are really willing them to get right down to the sex but want to hear more about the tease too - it's a truly tantalising balance , I could imagine it , Well in my dreams anyway.

***** This was a very hot and horny read - the couple meet and after s while they get very close in a private club - read it in bed.

***** All, in all, very good. I just finished reading it and I'm still a bit horny, so if the review contains a typo, you'll know why!
There is a clear spine of a story which runs through the piece, and a good balance of suspense and reveal.

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