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  • Jessica Lansdown

A Bucket List... for Sex

Or 7 sexy fantasies to experience just as soon as you possibly can!

Who wants to swim with sharks or wing walk when you can get your rocks off and experience some close encounters of the sexual kind?

Everyone knows how to write a bucket list – it’s meant to be stuff that you want to do before you die. Maybe things like skydive, wing walk, swim with sharks and so on but, when it gets right down to it, perhaps you really want your bucket list to be more of a f*cket list and therefore much more about getting excitement from feeling good sexually than risking life and limb! So, here are seven simple but potentially sexy fantasies to put on your f*cket list to explore and experience just as soon as you can.

Outdoor Sex

I’m not sure if it’s the feeling of fresh air around your body that makes outdoor sex such a thrill or the illicit nature of essentially exposing yourself and your partner to the possibility of being seen at it! But whatever the draw for you, here is a scenario to consider: It’s after midnight on a summer night, too hot and wet to sleep, your lover is outside waiting for you in his car so you slip on a long button through top to cover your nakedness, and go out to meet him. You drive through the darkness along country lanes and he looks at you knowing that your body is getting hot and you can see that he is becoming aroused too and as he reaches out to touch you, you bat his hand away. You ask where he is taking you - just wait he says. You see a P for parking sign ahead and he pulls up into the space. He comes to your side of the car and virtually drags you out. It seems that there is no one around and so he pushes you against the front of the car and you begin to kiss and as his hands go up under your top you reach for his belt....... then how far you go depends on how horny or how brave you are feeling, either way, it’s guaranteed to be exciting.

Marvellously Rough

The clue is in the words here. Marvellously rough means that however rough the rough sex is, for you it’s marvellous. Whether you like a little gentle smacking, the thought of being restrained and flogged is a turn on or you want to be held down at the mercy of your partner, now is the time. Explain in advance just how far you are prepared to go and even agree on a safe word if you want to. Tell him that you’d like to talk about your fantasies – believe me, he will be very keen to hear what you have to say and what you want to happen - explaining it all will be a great big turn on.

For real inspiration and for a story that highlights this topic check out my book SEX FANTASY -it's free to download here

A little D and S

That’s Dominance and Submission to the uninitiated. For many people, dominating or being sexually submissive is a complete lifestyle choice, but there is nothing wrong with trying it on for size. If you like the idea of giving up control for an evening and your partner has dreams of being sexually dominant, it’s worth setting up a scene. Or of course perhaps it’s you that likes the idea of being dominant – either way you will both need to talk about what you want and don’t want as well as how far you will go – it’s another great opportunity to talk fantasy. For more details about Dominance and submission see my Blog or read LESSONS IN SUBMISSION or DOMINATRIX, The Spider and the Fly

Using Mirrors

You can set this up in advance, although it’s best if it’s spontaneous. Check into a hotel with a writing desk that has a big mirror facing the bed. The ideal world is for your man to get a call, a business call and whilst he is talking seriously on the phone, you set about distracting him. You can bet that as he catches a glimpse of you in the mirror seductively removing your clothes, he will begin to babble into the phone and the chances are he will become very aroused. It could be fun to see if you can make him cut his phone call short.

Doubling Up

I hear all the time that the standard male fantasy is to be with two women at the same time - and I’m certain that it must be equally erotic for women to have the attentions of two men at once. It’s mind boggling – two mouths, two sets of hands and two male bodies to play with! I don’t know how you would arrange it, although do make sure of course that you are safe. There seems to be web sites for most tastes these days, or maybe your partner might like the idea of finding a second man for you! But however you do it, women have so many erogenous zones just crying out for stimulation and attention and with double attention it’s likely to be a very erotic experience. For stories that highlight this very hot topic read For Her Exclusive Pleasure & Sex Addicts Anonymous

The Pickup

This involves a hotel room, preferably a top end hotel with a nice long bar with a few sit up stools. The main premise is that you plan to meet a stranger at the bar, but if that’s a step too far, why not add some spice to your life? You and your lover can agree to meet as strangers; both of you willing and wanting to play and both of you dressed to thrill. Your man checks in, showers and drops you a text to tell you that he is in the bar and that he has left a room key in reception for you. You take your opportunity to shower, then dressing to kill, ensuring that sexy lingerie is part of your outfit; you head down to the bar. Your man needs to find a chat up line or some reason to start the conversation and the fun is that you can adopt completely new characters if you want to and then flirt and tease and get to know each other all over again. Your end game is obvious – you have a room remember. For a hot hotel pick up story read Proposal for a Voyeur but be warned, its likely to be more than you bargained for.

In the Sea

On holiday you are already tanned and relaxed, the water is warm and deep enough to hide your bodies. If you are both already aroused, your man can swim up behind you and the water will support your bodies into all sorts of positions and, if you are smart, although there may be other swimmers in the water, no one will know what you are doing although they may suspect. For real inspiration, check out my book Sharing Sabrina set in sunny Spain.

Something we’ve probably all realised lately is that things can change in a moment – so don’t put it off any longer. Sex in all its glory is a wondrous thing. Get it as soon as you can, any way you can and every way you want. There’s plenty of inspiration in that sexy imagination of yours , but if you need or want more, one of my books is sure to add to the mix. Click for more information.

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